What makes The Last Resort rehab for men stand out from other drug and alcohol treatment centers?

We believe it’s our passion for recovery!

You’re likely to feel the difference beginning with your very first phone call to us. At The Last Resort Recovery Center for men, we take rehab for men seriously.

Our staff knows that when you call, a man’s life may be at stake. With that said, we’re determined to provide both you and him with all the help he needs. That’s why our passion drives us to stay “cutting edge” with our treatment models and never satisfied with less than positive outcomes. We’re in tune with the specific needs of men with struggles like substance abuse. For this reason, we make sure to put all of our energy into never leaving a man behind.

men reading at the last resort recovery rehab for men

The Best Rehab for Men

Our passion for recovery does little good if it isn’t being instilled into the lives of the men we’re here to serve. That’s why the life-changing power of the original Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program forms the bedrock of the best rehab for men at The Last Resort Recovery Center in Smithville, Texas. We also receive guidance from our 13 Principles of addiction treatment. Our recovery center for men utilizes a unique Immersion Treatment Model, where men live, learn, and teach recovery – and they do it all with joy. All of these factors lead to a sense of brotherly love and camaraderie that’s spreading our reputation far beyond the rolling hills of central Texas.

Rehab for men is different than rehab for women or even co-ed rehab. At our recovery center for men, they receive personalized, professional care. They also have the opportunity to foster relationships into a brotherhood that can last them a lifetime. In addition, they also learn self-care and communication skills that they may not have previously realized they needed. This education allows emotional intelligence to develop. The best rehab for men transforms them into independent, self-sufficient, productive members of their community. This is the ultimate goal of our treatment programs.

Rehab at The Last Resort Recovery Center

The Last Resort Recovery Center in Smithville, Texas provides individualized treatment plans for each man that enters our program. We understand that each client’s issues may stem from wildly different backgrounds and life experiences. Therefore, we never approach treatment in a one-size-fits-all way. Each individual that enters our recovery center for men is unique and deserves the care and attention of a customized treatment plan.

The Last Resort Recovery Center offers 90 day rehabilitation programs to men who are trying to reach recovery. This long-term treatment option allows men the time to recognize and address their unhealthy habits and behaviors. During this time, men are able to participate in traditional therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as outdoor programs. Our other program offerings include:

While any man that struggles with addiction can benefit from our programs, our treatments are designed specifically with chronic relapsers in mind. The design of our treatments serves to pinpoint the root of a man’s problems rather than just the surface level. This helps to prevent further relapses in the future. We strongly believe we supply the best rehab for men. We ensure we send all the men from our program back into the world as recovered gentlemen.

At Last Resort Recovery Center, we help our clients become the men they always should have been. We are proud and passionate about the work that we do. Call us today at (512)750-6750 for more information about how we can help you.