Texas Rehab Program’s Mission Statement and Core Values


Provide a transformational treatment experience leading men to purposeful recovery.


Be the nationally recognized leader in men’s addiction treatment

Core Values

  • Where each man’s unique recovery needs are met through evidence and immersion based treatment
  • Where A.A.’s original 12-Step recovery principles of honesty, unselfishness, integrity, and love provide a moral compass for changed lives
  • Where staff members model recovery and are valued, nurtured, and mentored to their fullest potential
  • Where management provides generous resources and promotes a healing recovery environment
the last resort ranch welcome - our mission statement and core values
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What makes Last Resort Recovery so different from other drug treatment centers?

At Last Resort Recovery, we believe in a set of core values that guides everything from how we structure therapy and group work, to how we interact with employees. And it’s these core values that are key to our quality. By upholding these values, we ensure that we uphold the highest goals and procedures that a rehab center can have. The brotherhood at Last Resort Recovery helps the addiction treatment process.

  • Where treatment is cutting edge, holistic, and each man’s uniqueness respected.
  • Where A.A.’s original 12-step program is lived and practiced by all.
  • Where the A.A. pioneer’s four standards of honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love come alive.
  • Where staff is valued and mentored toward achieving their full potential.
  • Where management truly cares, leads by example, and provides generous resources.

Men who work with Last Resort Recovery to get sober and achieve recovery benefit greatly from our mission statement and core values. We believe that every man who comes through our doors deserves the same level of treatment, but with the unique treatment plan that he deserves. At Last Resort Recovery, we keep our mission in mind at all times to provide the best treatment available.

For more information about our mission statement and core values, contact The Last Resort Recovery Center today at (512)750-6750.