The Last Resort Founders

The Last Resort Founders - bill and ann schneiderFor nearly a quarter century, Bill and Ann Schneider, our founders, have been numbered among the most respected service providers in the alcohol and drug treatment field. Touched personally by family members and close friends who struggled with addiction, they were among the first to recognize that traditional 12-Step treatment centers were often failing to address issues of underlying emotional and childhood trauma among chronically relapsing clients.

In 1994, they responded to this unmet need by founding The Life Healing Center of Santa Fe in New Mexico. With a deep commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care, it combined the latest in successful mental health therapies with traditional 12-Step spiritual and social support.

Life Healing soon emerged as the nation’s leading residential trauma treatment facility attracting hundreds of referrals from Hazelden, Betty Ford, Caron Foundation, Sierra Tucson and The Meadows along with referrals from all fifty states and fifteen foreign countries.

Transferring ownership of this facility in 2004, Bill and Ann volunteered much of the next several years to aiding a struggling Texas non-profit treatment center focused on serving the poor. With help from their longtime friends, the late UT Coach Darrell Royal and his wife Edith, they served on its board of directors, helping re-focus its mission and achieve financial stability.

Now Bill and Ann are excited to re-enter the addiction recovery field with a special program committed to helping young men. As The Last Resort Founders, they bring with them talents for innovation and program quality in a new and needed model that blends the spiritual strength of original pioneer recovery with the very latest in evidence-based programming. All of this is provided on a tranquil, fifty-acre campus adjoining the beautiful Texas hill country. It’s no wonder The Last Resort Recovery Center is fast becoming the recognized leader in young men’s treatment both in Texas and beyond, with our founders coming from such a strong background.