The Last Resort Recovery Center Campus Tour

The Last Resort Recovery Center Tour

The Last Resort Recovery Center is located on a 55-acre ranch with beautiful rolling hills, picturesque pastures, horse barns and stables with a large main lodge and four additional nice, unique homes, a swimming pool, state of the art free weight workout facility, sports court, and fishing pond. Although The Last Resort Treatment Center is only 45 minutes from Austin, Texas, it sits in a quiet, country setting that is a perfect place to focus on addiction treatment and drug recovery. It’s ideal for committing yourself to change without the distractions often found at home or in an urban setting.

If you’re a man who is serious about becoming a recovered gentleman, The Last Resort Recovery Center can help you. Our comprehensive programs and beautiful facilities are perfect for fostering your recovery process. Take our tour below or contact us today at (512)750-6750.

A Serene Location To Seek Recovery

Attending drug and alcohol treatment should be a time of positive growth, not a negative experience. You shouldn’t seek rehab in a cold, hospital-style facility. You need a space to find yourself and experience the benefits of living a sober life, free of alcohol and drugs. The Last Resort Recovery Center is an ideal place for this type of transformation.

We have the location and staff to let every man find themselves and experience life the way it was meant to be lived. Moreover, the men who attend our program will never feel like they’re in a hospital or that they’re forced into a one-size-fits-all treatment box. We strongly believe that those types of environments stifle recovery rather than facilitate it. To help men recover, we offer the following programs and amenities:

  • Fifty-five rolling acres nestled among the Lost Pines of Central Texas
  • A Main Lodge and four unique residence homes
  • State of the art fitness and nutritional programs by our certified staff
  • Horse corrals, stables, and barns that serve as a home for our equine therapy programs
  • Swimming pool, sports court, fish-ponds, and walking trails
  • Texas sunrises and sunsets enjoyed from porches and hilltops
  • A monthly 3-day wilderness retreat to focus on reaping the benefits of treatment

This variety of amenities allows the men in our program to reset the way they think about their habits. Rather than focusing on how to get their next fix, attention shifts to nature walks and pick-up games with their peers. Instead of worrying about hiding drug use from family and friends, they work toward open communication in our family program. These new activities soon become new habits, which translate to lasting recovery.

The Last Resort Recovery Center Can Help You

The Last Resort Treatment Center is able to handle every stage of treatment. From medical detox to residential treatment, all the way through to aftercare and our TLR Alumni program, our experts are here for you every step of the way.

While those seeking treatment for the first time will certainly benefit from the programs at The Last Resort Recovery Center, those who struggle with repeated relapses are a special focus of ours. We fully believe that no man is ever beyond help.

Seeking guidance from A.A.’s 12 Step program as well as our 13 Principles, we ensure individualized treatment for all of the men in our program. Since no man’s relationship with addiction is ever the same as another’s, each one needs a custom plan. These unique, yet structured, programs lead to a truly transformational experience.

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