The Last Resort Treatment Philosophy

The Last Resort Treatment Philosophy blends the spiritual recovery principles of the Pioneer Program of Alcoholics Anonymous with some of today’s latest evidence based treatment. This joining of hard science and practical spirituality set The Last Resort Recovery Center apart in delivering transformational treatment specially designed for young men struggling with addiction.

The original A.A. program produced recovery rates far higher than those being seen today and that’s partly because A.A.’s Pioneers helped affect deep psychic changes in the men they worked with – changes strong enough to overcome addiction. But as the strength of that original program was slowly watered down, recovery rates across the country sharply declined. At the same time, scientific knowledge about addiction and about effective treatment methods to overcome it have never been greater. Today we know a great deal more about the physical and mental causes of addiction, more about the brain chemistry underlying it, and more about the demonstrated treatment interventions that can help a man overcome it.

Last Resort Treatment Philosophy - benches surrounded by trees

We also know more about the special needs young men bring to the recovery table. Not long ago, the National Institute on Drug Abuse identified a set of standards representing the very best practices for successfully treating chemical dependency. Known as “13 Principles for the Delivery of Effective Addiction Treatment,” the Last Resort Recovery Center’s treatment philosophy is guided by these practices both in our program design and in our continuing commitment to delivering the highest quality of evidence-based treatment to the young men we serve.