Addiction Treatment for College Students in Austin, Texas

For many men, it can be hard to imagine dealing with an addiction in college. However, addictions can develop more quickly than anyone would like to believe. Binge drinking at parties or drinking to relieve stress can quickly develop into a substance abuse problem. The only way for men in college to overcome their addictions is through rehab for college students.

Texas College Rehab Program

What can I do to combat drug addiction in college? When you’re struggling with drug addiction around college time, then you know how difficult it is to overcome drug abuse. College seems to be an environment specifically tailored to encourage people’s drug abuse. Whether it’s binge drinking, alcoholism, hazing, or friends that encourage you to use drugs, universities in Texas can be very challenging places. But, that isn’t where the story has to end. Click here to learn more about our prescription drug abuse program.

Addiction in College —Where Does It Come From?

College is a wonderful time in a person’s life. It’s a time when people can try new things. It’s a time when people can experiment, expand, and test the limits of what they can do. But, unfortunately, all this freedom can come with a heavy price. When people try too hard to see what substances they can handle, it can lead them down a dark path toward alcoholism, or drug addiction. And when that happens, college can become a nightmare. Drug addiction or alcoholism can affect your grades, your relationships, your health, or even endanger your life. So if you’re struggling with drug addiction in college, you should know that a drug treatment program is the best way to get the help you need.

How Can College Rehab Help with Addiction?

What can college and drug rehab do for me? When you’re struggling with alcoholism, or addiction to drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, or prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, then it can feel hopeless sometimes. But, the important thing to remember is that it isn’t hopeless. The right program of drug treatment at a high-quality drug rehab center can help you overcome your addiction. Once you do that, you can get your college career back on track. And, it doesn’t even have to impact your college career to take time out for drug rehab. Most schools will allow medical leave for a whole semester with no questions asked.

Taking the First Step

The first step to overcoming substance abuse is recognizing you have a problem. In fact, many college students fail to notice this in themselves. If they are able to function normally throughout their daily responsibilities during their drug or alcohol abuse, they won’t believe they need treatment. For example, many students continue to attend class while throughout their substance abuse.

With this in mind, it’s important to recognize you have a problem and seek immediate help. This courageous act will put you on a path to sobriety with an exciting future ahead of you. Without treatment, your abuse could linger long after you leave college and enter the professional world. Therefore, treatment at The Last Resort includes:

Seek Help At The Last Resort Recovery

Are you ready to find your path in recovery? Once you understand alcohol abuse facts and that there’s help for college students available, it’s time to take the first step yourself. The Last Resort Recovery is an addiction treatment center that has partnerships with colleges, such as the University of Texas rehab partnership, which help  students transition between classes and rehab. If you’re ready to start working towards a life of sobriety, and stop letting addiction affect your future, then call us today at 855-936-0839.