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Since alcohol is so common in the United States, many teenagers and adults don’t realize its dangers. Proper education about alcohol abuse facts can help prevent problems with substance abuse and alcohol addiction later in a teen’s life. Learn these alcohol abuse facts and the signs of alcohol abuse so you can recognize and address addiction in your son’s life.

Alcohol Abuse and College

College is one of the most popular times for young adults to begin abusing alcohol. The start of college is often a whole new level of freedom for most students. With easier access to alcohol and increased distance from home, men are significantly more vulnerable to the risks of binge drinking and alcoholism.

In fact, alcoholism can affect a man’s college career so much that his previously good grades begin to fall, or he may drop out entirely. 30% of college-age men who drop out of college are also daily drinkers.

For this reason, it’s important for college-age men to seek treatment if they develop an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. However, many men don’t seek treatment for alcohol addiction because they worry that it will cause them to fall behind in school. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late by the time a student realizes how badly he needs treatment.

Instead of waiting for alcohol to consume your life, isn’t it better to take a temporary leave from school and find the treatment you need? Alcohol abuse facts don’t lie, and there’s no use in waiting to become another statistic.

Balancing Rehab and School

A major fear men have about college and drug rehab is that rehab will obstruct their ability to finish their degree. However, most colleges allow students to take a temporary leave of absence for medical reasons. They are then allowed to return at a later date to finish out their degree. Sometimes, this doesn’t even delay a student’s graduation at all if they take advantage of summer and online courses.

That said, this is where one of the most glaring alcohol abuse facts comes back into play. Once a student falls down the rabbit hole of alcohol abuse, it soon becomes all he cares about. School and work responsibilities quickly fall by the wayside. You treat the alcohol problem, it’s very likely that the student won’t graduate at all. The balance between rehab and school then becomes the least of your worries.

Men often don’t realize that young adulthood is the best time to address issues with alcohol. If you noticed these unhealthy behaviors early, they can receive treatment before they become deeply entrenched habits. When it comes to alcohol addiction treatment, the earlier it happens, the better.

Preventing Addiction with Alcohol Abuse Facts and The Last Resort Recovery

While knowing important alcohol abuse facts can keep adults aware of the dangers of the popular substance, it can’t stop everyone from falling victim to alcohol. For students who are currently suffering from alcohol addiction, help is available. The professionals at The Last Resort Recovery Center are ready to help you achieve sobriety so you can return to school and finish pursuing your dreams.

Our variety of services include:

All of these services and more wait for your son at our treatment facility. Our services can get his life back on track. If you’re ready to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment programs, then call The Last Resort Recovery today at 512-750-6750. It could be the most important call you ever make.