Rehab For College Students in Austin, Texas

College is a juggling act for many students. Between classes, work, and extra-curricular activities, it can seem overwhelming to imagine adding anything else to the plate. However, for students suffering from alcohol or substance addictions, it’s necessary for them to add rehab into the mix. Rehab for college students is a large commitment, so it’s necessary for most other responsibility to get pushed to the side.

Top 5 Reasons to Un-Enroll from College for Rehab

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can have a significant impact on your academic performance and other aspects of your college years. Substance abuse can lead to lower grades, expulsion, health problems or even legal issues. In the worst possible case, death from overdose is even a possibility.

If you need rehab for college students in Austin, Texas, you need to know help is available. Drug treatment can help you overcome your addiction and get you back on track. The Last Resort has five reasons to consider un-enrolling from college to seek rehabilitation now.

Medical Leave Available

Some adults worry that enrolling in rehab for college students in Austin, Texas and taking time off from their studies will impact their transcripts or their graduation plans. However, most universities today offer leave options that allow you to take a semester off for medical reasons – no questions asked. Your leave does not reflect negatively on your transcript and you may be able to use summer and online courses to keep your graduation date on track.

Academic Improvement

If you are struggling with addiction, you probably already know that substance abuse is not doing your GPA any favors. Dealing with addiction is likely to cause you to miss classes, leave assignments undone and head to exams unprepared. By getting straight now, you will have the rest of your academic career to bring up your GPA and get your transcripts in order before graduation rolls around.

Restored Self-Esteem

Drug and alcohol abuse lead to feeling of guilt, anxiety, and depression. These negative emotions can take a toll on your academic performance, as well as your quality of life. One of the goals of rehab for college students is to address these negative feelings, by teaching you to focus on your recovery goals and celebrating your accomplishments. As you realize you can feel good about yourself once again, your self-esteem will return. Programs like The Brave Heart Experience and equine therapy can also improve confidence and self-esteem.

New Relationships

Substance abuse can alienate from those you love most, leaving you without a support system in your time of need. College is already a lonely place for many students, even without the additional burden of an addiction. Addiction treatment for college students allows you to interact closely with others that share in your struggles, giving you a circle of new friends that know how to support you through your recovery process.

Regained Respect in Addiction Treatment for College Students

When you are dealing with substance abuse, you can feel like you have let everyone in your life down. You are tired of seeing the disappointment on the faces of your friends and family members. Although addiction is a disease and not a moral failure, the judgment can weigh heavily on those struggling. Addiction recovery can point you in a healthier direction, giving you the tools you need to restore positive relationships with your loved ones.

Rehab for College Students in Austin Texas at The Last Resort Recovery

If you are looking for addiction treatment for college students, The Last Resort is an excellent choice. Our center offers a variety of treatment modalities so that we can customize treatment to each individual client. In a supportive, comfortable atmosphere, you can work through your addiction issues and embrace a life of sobriety. To learn more about rehab for college students, contact The Last Resort at (512)750-6750.