University of Texas Addiction Rehab Partnership

College is a stressful and vulnerable time for many men. Without proper guidance, they can fall victim to the temptations and dangers of alcohol or substance addiction. Luckily, The Last Resort Recovery began a University of Texas rehab partnership to give men in these situations a second chance to achieve lives of health, happiness, and sobriety.

University of Texas Rehab Program

Where can I go as a University of Texas student looking for drug rehab? If you’re looking for drug rehab that works with you and with your campus, Last Resort Recovery is the right rehab center to come to. We have a close relationship with The University of Texas Center for Students in Recovery. We work with you and with UT to make sure that rehab fits your needs, as well as fits your academic career. Even if you take a semester off, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be delayed in graduating. Talk to your advisor about summer courses, online or correspondence courses, or other alternatives. Click here to learn more about how rehab for college students can help your college career.

Academic Leave from Texas of University

What if I enter rehab—will it mess up my graduation or my academic track? Many students worry about the effects that rehab might have on their time at college. But did you know that you can withdraw for a semester for medical reasons? It won’t impact your transcript or grades. And if you explore alternatives like summer classes, you could even graduate at the same time as you were planning! And think of it this way: which will be worse for your grades and well being, struggling with addiction, or taking one semester off for Texas rehab?

Rehab for Your College-Aged Son

Where can I go for rehab for my college-aged son? If you’re a concerned parent wanting to make sure that your son gets the support and recovery that he needs, you should know that drug rehab is the best option. During the process, you’ll also be able to work with your son through our family program. We also offer a number of other programs to help during the recovery process, including:

Support for College Students

More and more college students are abusing drugs and alcohol in society today. However, at The Last Resort, we are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment modalities for men struggling with addiction. By entering treatment, you will have the resources, support, training, and encouragement to face your addiction with confidence.

In fact, many college students fail to recognize they have a problem in the first place. No matter how much they abuse drugs or alcohol, it’s common for students to consider substance abuse as a “phase” of life or a temporary indulgence.

The Last Resort and University of Texas Rehab

Students at the The University of Texas have the resources to overcome substance abuse through the guidance of their university and The Last Resort. Our supportive staff is proud to work with UT students on a journey to overall wellness and academic achievement. Are you ready to overcome the challenges of addiction for the betterment of your future? If so, reach out today and find your path to sobriety once-and-for-all.

University of Texas has what’s called the Center for Students in Recovery, which offers guidance and support for UT students struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Last Resort Recovery works closely with the Center for Students in Recovery in order to make sure your son has all the support he needs. Call us today at (512)750-6750 to learn more.