12 Step Program For Addiction Treatment

3 men work the 12 step program for addiction treatment over lunch 12 step rehabWhile evidence-based treatment is at the core of what we do at The Last Resort, our team also embraces the tried-and-true methods of the 12 Step’s original program. The 12 step programs continue to be used at treatment facilities across the country. However, the watered-down approach practiced by many leaves the traditional program ineffective for many in recovery. The Last Resort is working hard to renew the original pioneer 12 step program model of recovery for substance abuse treatment.

Spirituality and Empowerment

Traditionally, the 12 step program involves putting faith in a higher power in order to heal the mind and body. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a religious connotation.

While some people int he 12 step program for addiction treatment find comfort in religion, others feel more comfortable with an abstract approach. That higher power can be something person to you rather than a religious figure. Anything that helps you feel calm, empowered, and comfortable is what you should put trust in for the 12 step program.

In our facility, we want all men to feel comfortable and happy with their treatment. While we want to encourage our clients to stay with the program, we never want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Transformation of “Self”

Transformation of the “self” has always been the cornerstone to achieving successful and long-lasting recovery after addiction. Recovery is about change. This change goes to the very deepest parts of the “self”. At The Last Resort, we teach tools for change as outlined in the original 12 step program for addiction treatment.

Beyond simple teaching, we offer men the best 12 step program Austin Texas can provide and the opportunity to live out those changes in their daily lives. This principle goes to the very core of who we are and why we exist – “to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

Immersion into 12 Step Rehab

At The Last Resort, men don’t simply come to learn the 12 steps; they come to live them. Clients should complete the 12 step rehab Austin Texas has within the first eight weeks of their stay. At that point, they have the opportunity to experience “helping the new man”. This means mentoring new clients through the step work and supporting them on their road to recovery.

A Deeper Understanding

Our program utilizes elements collected from around the country to help men see the transformative power of the original 12 step program Austin Texas offers for themselves. Members of our trained staff guide our clients through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and through their step work. Clients have daily quiet time, attend accountability meetings, travel to “solution-based” 12 step program meetings and complete numerous step study assignments.

Men Changing Men In a 12 Step Program for Addiction Treatment

While gender-specific support groups have long been considered a hallmark of successful addiction treatment programs, few of those programs capitalize on the powerful benefits of men changing men. Our program at The Last Resort fosters a real experience of spiritual brotherhood among our clients. Our daily focus is on recovery that supplies a man meaning and purpose in his life. We do this rather than simply offering another round of traditional treatment that keeps him focused in his pathology.

We take this spiritual 12 step rehab journey seriously at The Last Resort. At our facility, we help men approach recovery as more than simply learning to say no to drugs and alcohol. We give them a spiritual reason to say yes to the very fulfillment of their wishes and dreams. Additionally, we help them become the men they want to be.

To learn more about our experience with the 12 step program for addiction treatment as well as our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, contact The Last Resort at 877-892-7997.