Unfortunately, drug addiction relapse is a very real threat facing everyone who pursues recovery. Many former drug users experience setbacks, or might even fall completely back into addiction. However, even rehab doesn’t always help when it’s short-term—between 40 and 90 percent of people who’ve completed a 30-day drug rehab program end up relapsing. The good news is this: by checking into a longer-term stay at a drug rehab facility, a 90 day rehabilitation program, for example, you can dramatically decrease your risk of relapse and keep yourself protected. 45 to 90 Days is the Optimal Length of Time for Lifelong Recovery. However, we also offer extended stays that exceed 90 days, when necessary, to help ensure that our treatment programs are thorough and effective in the long term.

Unfortunately, a short-term stay in rehab, usually 28 or 30 days, can be somewhat ineffective in treating drug addiction. In fact, the current government and scientific research indicates that a 45 – 90 day rehabilitation program is the minimum length for truly optimal drug addiction treatment.

According to recovery.org, supported by the CDC, “people who wish to have a successful recovery should enroll in a program that is at least 90 days in length.” The numbers don’t lie: between 40 to 90 percent of drug addicts relapse if they complete a short-term rehab program (usually 30 days or less).

To avoid becoming a statistic like those above, you should seek out a long-term addiction treatment program. These types of programs are often more comprehensive than 28 or 30-day offerings. They allow time for true rehabilitation.

What Does a 45 – 90 Day Rehabilitation Program Look Like?

What can I expect from long-term addiction treatment programs? First of all, attending 45 – 90 day drug rehab programs means that you have a better amount of time to fully detox from drugs. From there, rehab facility staff can help you work through any withdrawal symptoms that may appear. Detox is a vital step in addiction treatment; it’s impossible to focus on recovery with the substance still in your system.

You can then spend more time working toward getting away from the temptation to use drugs. You’ll have the time to do so with the support and care that comes from being inside a rehab facility with trained medical staff. You’ll undergo various types of therapy, from one-on-one counseling sessions to group therapy to family therapy. You’ll also have the opportunity to decompress with activities like sports and horseback riding. You may even develop a new hobby.

There are a lot of life changes that take place during addiction treatment. Trying process your issues and change your habits can often be too challenging over a 30-day span. People get overwhelmed and resort back to their old, unhealthy behaviors. However, 45 – 90 day drug rehab programs allow you to take the time that you need to focus on getting well. Rushing through this process will not do you any favors over the long-term. Taking the time now will prevent you from needing further rehabilitation down the road.

Long-Term Treatment at The Last Resort Recovery Center

The Last Resort Recovery Center knows that long-term treatment is the best bet for success. Our 45 – 90 day drug rehab programs feature a holistic approach combined with traditional therapy methods. Some of our offerings include:

These programs help men identify the roots of their addictions and learn how to overcome them. They also teach men mind and body healing techniques that help them address stress in other aspects of their lives.

Regardless of how long the program is, recovery is a lifelong experience. Men in recovery need various coping mechanisms and hobbies to keep them on the path of recovery. For example, exercise can be an excellent outlet for stress and it helps keep the body in shape. 90 day rehabilitation programs identify men’s needs in recovery and help them achieve personal goals.

Pursuing Recovery

If your son is struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait to reach out for help. Without proper intervention, the problem will only worsen. The Last Resort Recovery in Texas offers comprehensive men’s addiction treatment program to help your loved one overcome substance addiction. Texas offers the perfect backdrop for a complete and long-lasting recovery. If someone in your life needs a serene environment to pursue recovery, then look no further than The Last Resort Recovery.

Don’t let your loved one struggle with addiction for another day. The 90 day rehabilitation program at The Last Resort Recovery Center will provide the guidance needed to reclaim his life. Call us at (512)750-6750 for more information about how we can help.