Equine Assisted Therapy Program in Austin, Texas

Equine Assisted Therapy Program in Texas

Equine-Assisted Therapy, also known as Horse-Assisted Therapy or Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, is an animal-assisted therapy program that is designed to give our clients an interactive and action-based therapy method that will help them to overcome their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

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Ground & Mounted Sessions

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An Innovative Approach to Trauma and Addiction Therapy

Scientific-Based Trauma-Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Addiction

Addiction, trauma and toxic stress have negative effects on the brain making it difficult for people struggling with these things to have healthy connections. The brains adaptive responses to trauma and addiction compromise self-regulation and relationships. Neuroscience reveals that sensory input, specifically rhythmic, repetitive motion (such as on the back of a horse) is effective at forming new neural pathways in the brain. In EAP sessions, clients consistently practice self-regulation which gives them the skills to calm their bodies and enable them to cognitively process more clearly.

Equine-assisted therapy provides essential sensory stimulation and movement to cultivate the mental development that helps treat some of the root causes of addiction like trauma/PTSD. In addition to groundwork with horses, our programs use mounted exercises to provide the sensory movement that organizes the brain and produces new neural pathways for mental and emotional growth. Therefore, by engaging different areas of the brain, clients begin the cognitive process of understanding their true needs, setting them on a path to find new, healthy ways to explore and interact within their environment, without the crutch of addictive substances.

The influence of our Natural Lifemanship EAP experience promotes change as old belief systems are challenged, while mastery and confidence are gained. Clients are empowered by their success with our horses. New interests are explored, and new, healthy ways of being in a relationship are discovered and fine-tuned. Unlike some talk therapy methods, EAP brings clients out of autopilot, dissociation, and distraction, to engage with their 1,200-pound horse partner week after week.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has been shown to have more rapid therapeutic response rates because of the direct, powerful approach and intimate relational aspects. EAP teaches clients the skills to handle the stress and chaos of life without using substances.

Equine Therapy Benefits

Equine therapy offers many benefits for our residents, especially those who have trouble connecting with others or those who struggle with self-care. The Last Resort’s equine-assisted therapy program also helps individuals learn how to care for another living thing and, in turn, themselves. Some additional benefits include:

  • Decrease anxiety/depression
  • Provides a healthy sensory input
  • Experiential (thinking, doing, problem-solving)
  • Interactive, challenging, and fun
  • Improve sense of control and agency
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence
  • New hope and renewed optimism
  • New body awareness that activates the mind
  • Emotional and spiritual stimulation
  • Practice regulating emotions
  • Successfully overcome fears

Conventional + Cutting-Edge Therapy Strategies

Natural Lifemanship | The Definitive Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

By combining conventional social therapies like counseling and the 12 steps, with vetted tactics such as Healing Heart Workshop and our equine therapy program, we seek to develop a true community of recovered gentlemen. Learn more about Healing Heart Workshop on our Trauma Treatment page. (place link to PTSD and Trauma Treatment page)

The Natural Lifemanship addiction therapy program allows our clients to connect to these gentle animals and build a healthy relationship with a horse of their choosing from our herd. Historical data and estimations show evidence that horses and humans have forged a special relationship for more than 5,000 years, with horses being domesticated somewhere around 3000 BC, making them some of the first animals that were domesticated as more than a food source.

These gentle, non-judgemental, and accepting creatures provide our clients with a conduit to create positive, authentic relationships in a safe environment. Our Texas-based equine-assisted therapy program includes both individual and group sessions, ground and mounted work. Our clients practice skills to calm their body and mind, giving them practical experience in how to help handle the stress and chaos of life, without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Our residents are empowered by their lessons and successes with their horse and will discover new ways of forging healthy relationships, that will aid them in their recovery and their ongoing life journey after leaving The Last Resort Recovery.

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Is Equine Assisted Therapy Right For Me?

We understand that equine-assisted therapy might not be for everyone, which is why our focused staff will never force anyone to interact with a horse if they feel unsafe. Our equine therapy team works carefully with Last Resort medical staff to assess if a client is a good fit to participate in our Natural Lifemanship EAP program. While we have seen most clients find success by creating a connection with their horse and therapist, we always want our clients to feel comfortable and ultimately achieve a healthy lifestyle. If we believe that a client would not benefit from interacting directly with a horse, the therapists will then use that time to discuss relationships, and regulation with the client, continuing our ultimate goal of helping our clients find sobriety and recovery in a safe, supported environment.

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A Unique Equine Therapy Center

Find Out Why Our Therapists are Equine Therapy Experts

Over the years, we have carefully fine-tuned the unique methodology that guides our trauma-focused equine-assisted therapy program for substance addiction treatment. By combining therapy strategies like 12 step work, with the physically and emotionally safe bond formed between the horses and our residents, we have crafted a precise approach for addiction therapy that is informed by current addiction-related neurobiology research.

For many people struggling with addiction, traditional therapy methods can fall short, especially for clients that have had multiple relapses and have been to other addiction rehab programs. The unique equine therapy program at The Last Resort Recovery gives our clients new and effective tools to work through their mental and emotional issues and set them up for success in the long term.

Get in touch with our team at The Last Resort Recovery to find out if our Equine Assisted Therapy is right for you!

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Texas

More Than a Casual Horseback Ride

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), as taught by the Natural Lifemanship program, is not your typical trail ride. Our animal-assisted addiction treatment program has been carefully cultivated to guide our residents to build a deep and meaningful relationship with their horse. By building a profound, emotional connection to their animal, our clients are able to learn essential relationship skills and begin a true healing process. Addiction generally causes significant interpersonal pitfalls for our clients in their daily lives. By forming a healthy connection to our gentle giants, they will be better prepared to nurture positive relationships with humans and not need to rely on addictive substances to cope with social and emotional anxiety.

The nature of a horse is to seek an organic connection and respond to authenticity. Our EAP model focuses on building a relationship with the client-horse-therapist to repair interpersonal connections that can be a trigger for addiction.

At The Last Resort Recovery, our horses are not merely tools, but companions that form a true connection with our clients. The genuine, nonjudgmental, and accepting nature of these animals provides the bridge to connect with others in a positive, authentic way. Equine-assisted therapy helps our clients reform the bonds of compassion and overcome the emotional and mental distress from past relationships, creating a path to healing and an addiction-free life.

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Is Equine Assisted Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Generally speaking, this will depend on your insurance provider/plan and why you need the treatment. At The Last Resort Recovery, Equine Assisted Therapy is part of our addiction treatment program, so if you qualify to stay at The Last Resort Recovery through insurance, you can rest assured that our therapies like Equine Assisted Psychotherapy will also be covered.

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Equine Therapy Success Stories

Read what some of our past clients have to say about their experiences with our equine-facilitated therapy program:

“I learned how to set boundaries and that I need to set them.”

“Equine helped me calm my mind and feel my emotions.”

“The horse helped me see deeper into my trust issues.”

“I learned how to set boundaries and that I need to set them.”

“Equine helped me calm my mind and feel my emotions.”

Equine Therapy Near Austin, TX

Become a Recovered Gentleman

When it comes to addiction treatment, traditional methods are most effective when accompanied by experiential therapies. Equine-assisted therapy is an innovative and proven experiential method that helps our residents connect with others, express themselves, overcome their addictions and prepare for a healthy lifestyle. We also offer other programs to help clients face addiction, including:

  • Medical detox program
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • 40 – 90 day rehabilitation program

To learn more about equine therapy and how you can get involved, contact The Last Resort Recovery today! A healthier, happier life is waiting for you!

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