Exercise & Addiction Recovery in Austin, Texas

Did you know that exercise and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand? It’s true. When you’re looking for the right choice in drug or alcohol treatment center for yourself, a loved one, a father, son or uncle, it pays to try to find the best option to fit what your needs are.

Additionally, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment center for the situation that you’re dealing with. However, there are all kinds of factors that make a difference in rehab that you might not have thought of. With effective rehab you can improve your situation for yourself and your family.

The Link Between Mental Health and Addiction

One of the most important factors in exercise and addiction recovery is emotional and mental health. Unfortunately, many drug addictions are related to other disorders—often depression is a leading cause. And so, by treating depression, clients can identify and fight against one of the roots of their addictions. Countless studies have demonstrated just how important exercise is to mental and physical health. So by incorporating exercise, you’re really killing two birds with one stone.

When a person exercises, it releases endorphins that make a person feel pleasure. In addition to helping people maintain healthy lifestyles, exercise can also be a good outlet for releasing stress and improving mental health. For example, when a person has a hard day at work, they can go on a jog instead of resorting to drugs or alcohol. They still experience the same pleasure, but they also get numerous health benefits from the activity.

Exercise and Addiction Recovery – How it Helps

This is just one way that exercise helps with combating addiction. Another important way is to provide a goal for the recovering person to strive for. For those looking to lose weight or build muscle, a healthy diet and exercise can require a lot of planning and tracking. By having something to focus on that isn’t directly related to their addiction, the recovering person can take their mind off their struggle. And as they make gains in the gym, their confidence and self-esteem will improve—as well as their physical health.

Other addiction treatment programs that work well for addiction recovery include:

All of our treatment modalities will correlate with our fitness program to give you the best possible chance at recovery and overall wellness. In fact, many people fail to address the multitude of concerns when facing rehab. By maintaining a better diet, exercise routine, treatment, and therapy, you will begin to feel better and more confident with successful results.

Fitness and Addiction Treatment Benefits

Many users with substance abuse struggle to maintain their daily health. Therefore, they neglect a proper diet or fitness program. This affects both their emotional and physical wellbeing. Through exercise and addiction recovery, guests will begin to mend damaged and negative habits that have influenced their addiction. For example, benefits of a daily fitness program during addiction recovery include:

  • Relieves and reduces stress
  • Positively alters brain chemistry
  • Allows for refocus and rejuvenation
  • Reintroduces natural levels of endorphins into your body

As you can see, there are many benefits to an exercise routine during treatment. Moreover, this commonly increases self-confidence and optimism during recovery. Transforming your body gives you a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-worth that is extremely valuable during the challenges or rehab.

Learn More About The Last Resort Recovery

Are you ready to overcome addiction through exercise and addiction recovery? If so, look no further than the experienced and supportive staff at The Last Resort Recovery. Located in Smithville, Texas, our facility will guide you through rehabilitation and into sobriety and overall wellbeing.

Our beautiful facility provides the perfect backdrop for someone looking to pursue recovery. This environment also offers many opportunities to engage in exercise during recovery, especially through equine therapy.

No one should ever face addiction alone. By entering treatment at The Last Resort, you will have the support, resources, and guidance to overcome your fears in addiction rehab. Join us today for a better tomorrow in a new, exciting, and sober lifestylew. To learn more about The Last Resort Recovery and how our exercise and addiction programs can help you, call us at (512)750-6750 today.