By focusing solely on the treatment of men, The Last Resort has developed an intensive Mens Work program.

During our transformative mens work program, men are able to go in-depth to discover themselves. This experiential course provides men with the conducive setting and resources necessary to engage in powerfully emotional and transformational work. This work includes a carefully structured rite of passage into deep masculinity based on Jungian psychological principals and is unique to our facility.

How Does the Program Work?

Our Mens Work Program consists of expressive processes that help our clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves. These programs strike a balance between spirituality and emotional skills, and facilitate improved communication practices. During our program, men can participate in:

  • Drum circles
  • Creative empowerment
  • Archetypal role-play work
  • Talking stick ceremony
  • Psychodrama
  • Bio-energetic work
  • Spirit Quest Experience

Ongoing exploration of the dynamics of the Father-Son relationship is coordinated as well as a frank focus on healthy male sexuality. When offered together, these elements all help men become more comfortable expressing themselves and understanding their specific emotional needs. This understanding allows them to then move forward as more emotionally intelligent men.

They’re then ready with the communication skills needed for lasting, rewarding relationships with friends and family. The skills learned in the mens work program will help them build and repair relationships long into their recovery.

Being in a setting away from women and the pressures of everyday life is vitally important to the success of a Mens Work Program. In this distraction-free environment, men can then focus on their own emotional needs. For some men, this is the first time in their lives that they’ve stopped to think about their own emotional health. This environment also helps men learn to foster stronger bonds with other men. These forged friendships then become vital resources in maintaining lasting recovery.

About the Brave Heart Experience

The Brave Heart Experience (BHE) is the centerpiece of our Mens Work Program. During this three-day rite of passage in the wilderness, we invite men to tackle their deepest psychological fears and ultimately transform their lives. This retreat acts as a turning point, which then allows men to leave behind their bad habits and transition into a healthier, happier version of their former selves.

Inspired by the 12 step program of AA, this experience allows men to take an introspective look at their addiction and begin committing to long-term recovery. Instead of feeling paralyzed by their flaws or running from them, men can face them head on and take steps to overcome them. Ultimately, its role is to allow men to dig deep into the hard work they’ve put in throughout their treatment. It also helps them to internalize what they’ve learned in treatment and what it means for their future.

Stop Suffering. Start Healing.

At Last Resort Recovery, Our Mens Work Program empowers men to become the best versions of themselves. We help men thrive in their sobriety. Facets of our addiction treatment programs include:

If you’re a man struggling with addiction, we can guide you down the path to a fresh start and a new beginning. Our beautiful 51-acre ranch is just a short 45-minute drive from Austin, Texas and offers a distraction-free environment for you to focus on getting well.

From detox and residential care and on through aftercare, we’ll be helping you through every step. Call Last Resort Recovery today at (512)750-6750 to learn more about how you can achieve lasting recovery.  You just need a little help to get the life you want and deserve.


man reading to another man about mens work at the last resort