Men's Residential Addiction Treatment Program in Austin, Texas

A residential treatment program is a type of rehab program that allows men to stay at a facility while they recover and undergo treatment. Since men have to stay on the facility’s campus during the duration of their stay, they won’t have access to the triggers and temptations of the outside world. A distraction-free setting is key for effective treatment. This form of recovery allows for the most comprehensive and relaxing environment available at a facility.

Residential Treatment Program

The Last Resort provides men time away in a safe, supportive, and structured environment. Its retreat-like, country setting affords a welcome alternative to hospital-like alcohol and drug residential treatment facilities that can often feel sterile and unnecessarily restrictive. When a man is ready to change, Nature often plays an important role in his healing process. And from his very first day at the Last Resort, a man can often feel this power.

Celtic mythology speaks of a man being drawn to “thin places” in his spiritual journey through life. These places are the mark of certain rivers, or deserts or forests – places where the hard boundary lines separating the physical world and the spiritual world soften and grow thin. Places like this can make all the difference to a man searching for recovery.

Is Residential Recovery Right for You?

The worry for most people seeking residential addiction treatment for men is whether they will be able to leave their life for a few months. Some men view seeking treatment as a selfish choice. They’ve never taken the time out to focus on themselves or their problems. However, devoting this time to yourself and your issues with substance abuse is likely the best choice you’ll ever make. It will allow you to reset your habits and get your life back on track. This will then prevent more lost time down the road from a continued issue with substance abuse.

Look at a residential treatment program as exchanging a few short months to take ownership over the rest of your life. From this perspective, the time spent in a residential treatment program doesn’t seem quite as daunting. In reality, it’s the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

Residential Addiction Treatment for Men

Residential addiction treatment for men is one of the most popular and successful ways for a man to recover from substance addiction. However, we acknowledge that it may not be for everyone. People who have obligations such as work or families may need to find other arrangements. Luckily for many people, families, schools, and employers can be very flexible and help the person get the treatment they need. It only makes sense that the people in your life will want to help you make every effort to succeed in your recovery process.

The Last Resort Recovery Center offers a variety of treatments and therapies to ensure each man in our program gets the care that he needs. Our primary focus is the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our clients. Some of our offerings include:

On 55 acres of breath-taking ranch land, The Last Resort is an ideal location to escape the worries of everyday life to focus on your recovery. If you’re ready to begin your journey with The Last Resort Recovery and our residential treatment program, then give us a call today at (512)750-6750. Our residential treatment program may be exactly what you need to return to a life of health, happiness, and sobriety.