What Is The Brave Heart Experience?

The Brave Heart Experience (BHE) is a day and a half long rite of passage into living a mature recovery lifestyle. Through this process, men are able to find passion, depth, and a solid foundation for recovery. The BHE follows the contour and principles of the 12 steps of AA, as well as traditional “Hero’s Journey” process as described by Joseph Campbell: The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return.

Who Benefits from The Brave Heart Experience?

Men in recovery who are past the initial stabilization period tend to benefit the most from this workshop. Ultimately, though, it’s for any man who is ready to dig deep into himself and his recovery. This process provides a strong opportunity to confront the deepest psychological fears and wounds that have driven a life of dependency and opens men up to a visceral internalization of their ongoing 12-step work.

We believe that this internalization is a crucial step in the recovery process. It’s not enough to just go through the motions of our therapies and programs. Men must truly and deeply understand the implications of their actions and behaviors in order to successfully transition into recovery. Without this understanding, the risk of relapse remains high.

Through a variety of powerful action methods, visualizations, and rituals of transformation, the participants become open to a true sense of authenticity and a mission of service to support long-term recovery. Follow-up group workshops ensure the smooth integration of The Brave Heart Experience into The Last Resort curriculum.

In addition, men who go through this process are able to reap the following benefits:

  • Learning to speak comfortably from a place of emotion
  • Finding a better understanding of themselves by taking an honest look at their flaws
  • Developing strong leadership skills
  • Healing “parent-child” wounds that may go deep
  • Accessing a more vulnerable side to themselves
  • Understanding how to improve their communication skills
  • Identifying a mission or passion in life

The goal of the BHE is for a total transformation of mind, body, and soul. It’s a true test of all of the work that you’ve put in throughout your treatment program. It also prepares you for all of the work that’s yet to come, in treatment and beyond.

Integrating The Brave Heart Experience

At The Last Resort, we know that it’s crucial for all of your recovery experiences to lead down one path. All of the different treatment methods you undergo shouldn’t feel disjointed; they should feel as if they’re pointing toward the same goal. That’s why we also include the following to lead up to and complement your Brave Heart Experience:

Our location on 51 acres of rolling hills and ranch land is perfect for facilitating the wilderness experience that is the BHE. Despite being only a 45-minute drive from Austin, Texas, our facilities feel truly immersed in nature. This immersion allows for a distraction-free environment and heightened healing and spiritual potential.

The Last Resort Recovery offers a unique approach to treatment that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We offer transformative change in a way that’s specifically designed for men that have repeatedly relapsed in the past. Our long list of comprehensive programs and individualized treatment plans will help you get back on the right track.

For questions about our addiction treatment programs, call The Last Resort Recovery Center today at (512)750-6750.

You can also learn more about The Brave Heart Experience and “Taking the Inner Challenge” HERE!

man stands next to a truck after undergoing the brave heart experience