AustinNET Luncheon for Addiction Education

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Working Together to Learn and Grow

We were proud to host AustinNET’s monthly event for addiction education, alongside Austin TAAP and Serenity Light Recovery. AustinNET is a networking luncheon for addiction and recovery professionals, students and allies that helps to grow and nurture mental health science, goals and continuing education.We met a lot of great addiction treatment professionals, friends and allies, and were honored to learn and share with some of the best mental health minds in Austin, as well as everyone that made the trip from outside of Austin and Texas.

More About Austin TAAP

Austin TAAP is comprised of individuals, counselors, prevention specialists, and others who have a direct interest in the field of addiction recovery. Our members are professionals dedicated to the treatment and recovery of individuals and families struggling with alcohol, drugs, and the devastating illness of chemical dependency. Many of our members also serve a clientele that suffer from other addictions as well.

Our Objectives

The Austin Chapter of TAAP seeks to promote the advancement of addiction focused professionals by uniting alcoholism and other addiction counselors through:

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Professional Growth Opportunities
  • Academic Growth Opportunities
  • Business Growth Opportunities
  • Peer Assistance6.Ethical Standards

Thank You For Attending!

We wanted to thank Austin TAAP, Serenity Light Recovery, and everyone that attended the event at The Last Resort. We hope that everyone was able to learn and grow from the event and we look forward to being a part of future gatherings![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]