Avoid These Common Excuses to Avoid Rehab by Trying This, Instead

Making excuses is not something new for people with addiction. They often make excuses for so much that they are not able to tell the difference between truth and lies after a while. One of the more common excuses is how to avoid rehab and keep their addiction going. It is easier to stay addicted than make the shift away. Treatment facilities are used to the excuses, but they are also there to provide a solution for those who are ready. Find out what some of the excuses are that keeping people from going to treatment and how they can turn things around and seek help.

Work Comes First

Staying employed is one reason people don’t leave for rehab. They think if they go away, they will lose their job. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) prevents this from happening. The law states an employer cannot fire someone who seeks treatment for a serious illness. Addiction falls under this category. There is protection for people who ask them for help.

Paying Bills

The FMLA provides paid sick leave for people who need it, which amounts to about 6 to 12 weeks of time off work that is paid. The treatment program is paid either in full or a portion of the paycheck. There is no excuse for people who want to seek help if they are employed and have concerns about how to keep making money while in rehab.

Cost of Treatment

Paying for treatment programs can seem overwhelming. Most addiction programs accept insurance, which lowers the cost of attendance. Some facilities don’t accept insurance. There are some places that have scholarships for those who qualify that covers a large chunk of the payment. If neither option is available, there are ways to seek treatment on a sliding fee scale and pay over time. Grants are also available for people who apply or help for people who have low income or are out of work due to addiction.

Treatment is Not Needed

This is a huge excuse for people who need treatment. In some cases, it keeps them from going because they deny the need for help. Addiction is a disease that, if not treated, may be fatal. Finding the right facility that understands specific needs for treatment can be a lifesaver. Not addressing the problem but also denying the need is only going to keep the cycle going. Finding help is needed if people are going to overcome addiction and heal in recovery.Making excuses is part of the journey of accepting help for addiction. Family, friends and loved ones are often the best people to help support someone who needs addiction treatment. It is a key part of the journey to think about the long term goals ahead that cannot be accomplished inside of addiction, but with treatment, it can be feasible.

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