Balance in Recovery is Key to Healing

The recovery process is long, arduous, and complicated. It means much more than just ending the substance abuse, and involves a lot of steps, and a firm commitment. Balance is required in recovery, and figuring out how to make that work will make the person far more likely to succeed in their recovery, long term. There are 5 steps to help you achieve balance in recovery.

Get Treatment in Rehab

Getting the proper treatment in a good rehabilitation program is necessary before long term recovery can be a possibility. An effective drug treatment program needs to be able to customize care for its participants, and last an adequate length of time. Therapy, medicinal and otherwise should be included. Residential rehab programs are very demanding, and even outpatient ones can be time-consuming. But they ae essential in helping their participants learn how to balance rehab with their personal lives.

Understanding Relapse

Relapse is extremely common during the recovery process. Approximately half of all recovering addicts will relapse at least once. However, it is important to understand that relapse doesn’t equal failure. Relapse has to be balanced with recovery and can be an opportunity to re-evaluate treatment and maintenance plans.

Recognize The End of Addiction

Substance abuse or addiction can last for years, and the struggle with it can be a major part of a person’s life. When that addiction ends, it can be difficult to find a new balance. It is recommended to go through the grieving process, in order to move beyond the substance abuse or addiction. it will help to turn all the energy away from the loss of the addiction toward healthier activities.

Healthy Activities

Following on from the grieving process, one of the best ways to find balance in recovery is to with new, healthy activities. Or return to old activities that had been discarded for drugs or alcohol. Without the addition, there will be a void which has to be filled, so as not to relapse. This could be any activity that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, like regular exercise, playing sports, or learning a new skill.

Lean On Friends And Family

When you are surrounded by the support and encouragement of loved ones, it can be far easier to find balance in recovery. Having friends and family around you, who encourage sobriety, can be invaluable. Making friends in rehab or AA support groups can be the start of a great new network of people who know what you’re going through, and can provide additional support.It is ok to start taking care of yourself, something that you probably neglected when struggling with addiction. Focusing on healing goes beyond the sobriety. It means taking care of yourself in a healthy fashion.

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