Can a Toxic Workplace Impact Mental Health?

Toxic workplaces are mirroring the world at large right now. Mental health challenges are rising and people’s tempers are flaring. A common symptom of depression is insomnia. The inability to sleep because of toxic workplace environments keeps people from really functioning well at work and in life. This also raises the possibility of people being less civil with one another.

Workplace Incivility

Workplace civility is being thoughtful towards others. The opposite, incivility, is disrespect, intentionally ignoring people, or belittlement by a manager. It has been defined as a ‘low-intensity deviant behavior with intent to harm the target.’ it is also defined as ‘a violation of workplace norms’ for mutual respect.

Quality of Sleep

Sleep is critical in overall well-being, including our work performance. It has long been established that poor quality of sleep has big implications for people’s health and thoughtfulness. Insufficient sleep increases a person’s risk of developing serious medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even a shortened lifespan.

How to Cope

The good news is that coping techniques may be able to mitigate negative effects of a toxic workplace on employee well-being. Relaxation and detachment are necessary. Getting away from work in off hours and finding ways to relax that support overall health is key. Employees who detach well usually do better dealing with workplace toxicity and stress including:

  • Psychological detachment: represents an avoidance of work-related thoughts, actions or emotions. Some items to measure people’s level of detachment look at how to remove themselves mentally so they don’t suffer from more disruption than necessary
  • Relaxation: work-life balance has detrimental effects on civility of people in the workplace. As hypothesized, relaxation during non-work time is about finding ways to compete with the demands of work and try to find time for rest

If you cannot control certain events in life or at work, at least you can control how you feel. If you are having trouble coping with stress at work, at home, or in relationship with others, help is available. Some people turn to substances as a means of coping with stress but it is not necessary. There is healing available for people who struggle with addiction, dependence, or other issues. Don’t struggle alone when you can find healing from other people in a safe space.

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