Can Anxiety Impact the Decision-Making Process?

People who have anxiety may also struggle with other things like depression, procrastination, lack of ability to make prompt decisions, and other things that complicate their lives. It may have nothing to do with the person but they simply feel stuck when it comes to making good choices with confidence. Anxiety can play a role in the decision-making process. Learn some tips for how to handle making better decisions, minus the anxiety.

Why it Happens

Good decision-making does not just happen overnight. The brain needs some space to figure things out when it comes to decisions. Distractions can be physical and take the form of thoughts and worries. Anxiety interrupts the brain’s capacity to ignore distractions because the pre-frontal cortex is impacted.

Stopping Anxiety

Intrusive thoughts can be so disruptive to the decision-making process. It helps to try and strengthen the brain against anxiety by working on some tools. Try the following if it feels like anxiety is getting in the way of making good choices:

  • Know the triggers: a trigger can be intrusive and unrelenting. Anxiety may also stem from past incidents. The emotion was alright back then, but it can follow you around forever. Anxiety over the long haul will only lead to unsafe decision making. It is best to figure out the root cause and seek to nip it in the bud immediately
  • Thoughts and feelings don’t have to be anxious: even if you feel a certain way about things. That doesn’t mean you must act a certain way. Thoughts and feelings often influence each other without realizing it.
  • There may not be a wrong choice: decisions need to get made, but that does not mean it was a wrong one. The way anxiety makes decision-making harder is by tricking people into thinking there is one right choice and a wrong one. When you feel stuck between decisions, it is likely neither decision will be wrong. You can use your own resourcefulness to make a choice and make sure you feel good about it. It is important to feel good about choosing one thing or another rather than let it get to you

When all else fails, shift focus away from what is causing anxiety. Don’t think about what can go wrong. Think about what is going right. Decisions get made and they are important, but they don’t happen by avoiding them. The key is to figure out how to push the negative thoughts aside and focus on healing from the inside out. When you can heal your mind and thoughts, you can eventually heal your anxiety.

There are many ways to heal anxiety. It can happen with medication, therapy, and more. If you are ready to get started, we will help you find healing from addiction and mental health issues from detox to rehab. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.