Can Running and Jogging Improve Mental Health?

In addition to health benefits of jogging or running, the benefits emotionally are pretty good. Confidence, stress relief, and improved attitude are just a few of the great benefits. Running is also an aerobic exercise. This can help you think more clearly and focus. You may carry these lessons into other areas of your life.

Running Builds Confidence

Running builds confidence like few other individual sports. It allows the runner to defeat trials in life, grow stronger, and become more sure of themselves. It provides a feeling of empowerment and freedom that comes from getting stronger and more capable.

Mental Training

You learn to focus and get determination to overcome obstacles when you run. You may also get a bigger picture view of everything going on, including your own capabilities to endure obstacles, when you run and jog. The will and strength that gets into your body through long runs can help in training. In turn, this gives you strength in other areas of your life.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is another valuable benefit of jogging. Whether by allowing time to think about life’s issues or time to escape them, tension easily goes by the wayside as miles fly by on the road. Distance runs are helpful for problem solving that nags at you. You can clear your mind and let it work in the background or work to explore options. Away from the noise of your life, you can focus on analyzing the problem from different perspectives. Speed runs are great for tearing through aggression and anger. Focus the emotion into a few springs and you’ll feel better.

Boost Mood

Aside from stress relief, jogging has also been prove to improve overall attitude. Running, on trails and outside, creates endorphin release that causes euphoria and overall sense of happiness. Running for years has been used to help people fight back clinical depression and addictions. The changes people have seen after beginning a regular running routine are phenomenal. It gives them something to focus on, allowing them to see something beside their state of depression from addiction. The challenge of going out and running in bad weather can be combated by finding an indoor track at a gym. Overall, the benefits are great for running and jogging but it is not for everyone. It can be hard on the legs, knees, hips, and back. It may be difficult to go outside and get runs in. There are elliptical machines and other ways to get a workout in without pressure on the joints. Walking really fast can also be good for mental health. It is up to each individual to try something and find out what works best for them but just get up and go and have fun doing it.

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