Choosing a 60 Day Treatment Program Can Save a Man’s Recovery

Evaluating men for recovery programs is very important. It will determine the course of treatment and provide resources for them during that time that will set them up for success. Choosing to do a 60-day program, over 30 days, can be one critical step towards healing. Find out what happens in 30-days versus 60-day programs and why it is important to choose the right one for treatment.

30-Day Program

Men selecting treatment for 30 days are going to find the duration to be packed with lots of things they need to do, customized to meet their needs. A treatment program that fits a man’s needs will provide:

  • Assessment at the start to determine the course of treatment and goals
  • Assistance for withdrawal symptoms during the detox period
  • Therapeutic sessions to educate on addiction
  • Training for relapse prevention
  • Aftercare planning

A 30-day program provides treatment that may be effective for some people, but men with more severe cases of addiction or dual diagnosis may find it is not enough time to set them up for success afterward. Insurance may be more likely to pay for 30-day treatment, but it is worth checking out coverage.

Why 60 Days

Mental health conditions can hold a man back from success in recovery if they are not dealing with it. Many treatment centers have longer programs that focus on dual diagnosis treatment that looks at how to prevent relapses. There are some that recommend 90-day treatment to provide space to heal. The goal of longer programs like 60-day treatment include:

  • Adjustment to sober living
  • Opportunities to learn how to cope in a healthy way
  • Building support through recovery groups, friends, social connections
  • Therapy options that address co-occurring conditions or family issues

The reason why this may save a man’s recovery is that it can provide longer time periods to adjust the mind and body in detox and start healing. There is a lot the body has to go through, along with the mind, and there is simply no rushing the process. Choosing a longer program can be hard if insurance will not cover the costs, but it may save a lot of pain in the end.

The Last Resort is set in nature for a reason. It is so men can get away from their lives and focus on healing. The journey is lifelong and you deserve to start it off well with a place that treats you with respect and dignity. We appreciate your individual circumstances and create programs designed for your circumstances, whatever the length of stay may be. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.