Churches and Ministries in the Houston Bay Area

The Houston Bay Area is known for its churches, both big and small. However, not all of these churches are internationally known. Many serve as community centers and focus on small initiatives that give back to the community. 

Not only are these spaces a place for worship, but they open their doors to the community regardless of ideological beliefs. As a result, many receive federal government aid and qualify as non-profits. They’re a vital part of Houston’s identity and offer several initiatives to residents other than worship. 

Here are just a few ways churches in the Houston Bay Area give back to the community and how you can get involved. 

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Living Word Church of The Bay Area 

One of the tenets of the Living Word Church is to serve — both God and the community. By focusing on relationships between people and families, the church seeks to grow faith in its community. The family-centered approach is inter-generational, offering small groups for moms, children, and fathers. 

Every 5th Sunday, church members collect, assemble, and deliver non-perishable food to local Veterans. The food is donated by members and delivered directly to the homes of Houston’s 282,000 veterans.

Living Word Church of The Bay Area
451 Kirby Rd
Seabrook, TX 77586

Unity Bay Area Houston 

Connectedness and unconditional love are at the center of the Unity Bay Area Houston church. With a commitment to diversity and open doors to all who seek to learn about their faith, the church lives out these values. There is a focus on building a relationship with God without a set ideological understanding of what that relationship should be. It grants flexibility as members learn to live relevant spirituality based on the modern world.

While prayer is central, Unity Bay Area Houston also uses meditation to foster connection with the individual. With changing monthly meditation offerings, the church seeks to help members connect with God and foster an understanding of self. 

Unity Bay Area Houston
1911 TX-3
League City, TX 77573

Bay Area Church 

The Bay Area Church focuses on the restorative aspect of faith and hands-on service. The church offers individual/family counseling and pre-martial counseling with a focus on biblical teachings. 

For service, the Bay Area Church is heavily involved in the Houston community and even does outreach to other areas of the United States and the Middle East. 

In the local community, Bay Area Church partners with many other organizations to spread the gospel. Partner organizations include prison ministry groups, disaster response aid, and more. The church also regularly connects with the community to donate food to the homeless and build new shelters for the housing insecure. 

Bay Area Church
4800 W Main St
League City, TX 77573

Get Involved With Your Local Houston Church Today

These Houston churches are known for their focus on community recovery and growth. With ongoing programs throughout the year, these non-profit organizations are proud to play a positive role in the city.

Consider reaching out to these churches to learn more about how you can get involved with their programs today.

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