Combat Your Negative Thinking with These Healthy Strategies

Most people spend a lot of time inside their own heads. They worry about the future, replay events in the past, and focus on parts of their lives that leave them unhappy. Negative thoughts can prevent you from enjoying experiences or distract you from what is important. They can make you feel anxious and depressed. When you think more positively, you will feel more healthy and whole.

Recognize Negative Thoughts

People’s minds have clever and persistent ways of convincing them something is not true. These thoughts reinforce negative thinking. If you see them, you can learn to challenge them. Four common distortions include:

  • Black and white thinking: there is no in-between
  • Personalizing: assuming you are to blame for what goes wrong
  • Filter thinking: choosing to see only the negative side of things
  • Catastrophizing: assuming the worst possible outcome is going to happen
Challenge Negative Thoughts

Whenever you think distorted ways, stop and evaluate whether it is accurate. Think how you would respond if a friend spoke that way. Ask yourself if you are assuming the worst will happen or blame yourself for something that has not gone the way you hoped.

Break Away from Negativity

It is possible to learn how to separate from negativity. One way to do this is to allow yourself a certain amount of time with the thought. Take a break from focusing on it and move on with your day.

Release Judgment

We all judge ourselves. Constantly comparing ourselves to others leads to dissatisfaction. When you are able to let go of judgment, you will feel more at ease. Some ways to take a break from these thoughts includes recognizing them, observing, and letting go. Another helpful thing is to ‘positive judge,’ or notice when negatively judging a person or situation to find the positive sides.

Have Gratitude

Research shows feeling grateful has an impact on levels of positivity and happiness. Even when experiencing a challenging time in life, you may find things to be grateful for. Notice things going well and what makes you happy. Keep a journal and write a few things in it daily as a way to do this effectively.

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