Cope with Self Image Issues in a More Positive Way with These Tips

One day, you might wake up and realize that you have low self-esteem. Before you even know what hit you, there is more negative than positive energy flowing from your brain to your body. There are ways to combat self image issues. Men are particularly susceptible to feeling the ravages of poor self image but it takes time to rebrand your own image once it has been torn apart. Try these tips to rebuild your self image if you are struggling.

Confidence from Within

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that confidence is built from within, not without. This means that you cannot draw your confidence from people or things outside yourself. This is likely what got you into some trouble with addiction. You were seeking validation from other places that could never give you what you were after. Friends, family, and loved ones may boost your self-esteem but they can never give it to you fully. The culture we live in is about looking a certain way or having certain things, but it is all a trap. Men who lead fulfilling lives ultimately let go of this pressure and learn how to build confidence from within. Some tips:

  • Get off social media as it only leads to more pressure
  • Take a break from people who do not make you feel good about yourself
  • Find a quiet space to journal or do hobbies that make you feel good

Posture Matters

Many people are not aware of how they stand and what the message conveys to others. It has a direct impact on how people see you. If you change your physical and emotional state, you can change your life. If you live your life with eyes down to the ground and shoulders hunched, you will never convey a message of strength. Instead, try these tips:

  • Put your shoulders back, roll your chest, and lift up your chin
  • Keep your back strong and look ahead when walking
  • Put your phone away when in public places or in meetings
  • Stand and sit as tall as you can

These simple tips convey you are strong and self-assured. You can continue working on these things while you are moving through recovery to build confidence for the journey.

Praise Others

Confident people add value to others. Scared people try to make others feel less than rather than make themselves feel better. Complimenting others is a way of adding value and shows you are not afraid to lift others up.

Practice Gratitude

The only way to get through recovery everyday with gratitude. Be grateful as often as possible. It is a powerful step and one that will make you feel happier than you ever thought possible. The joy will come from within when you can:

  • Be grateful for where you are right now
  • Wake up feeling happy to be alive another day
  • Look around at nature and practice thankfulness for what you see and hear
  • Stop when you grumble to say ‘thank you’ to your surroundings, whether it is traffic, a job, or being late for a meeting because you are on your way there when others may not be in your place yet to even attend

There is always some way to be thankful, practice gratitude, and offer some positive energy to yourself and others on the journey. Wherever you are right now, be thankful for taking each breath and keep moving forward one step at a time.

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