Discover Your Purpose in Life with These 5 Tips

People in recovery from addiction can struggle with finding a sense of purpose. People with addiction are often isolated from others and struggle with finding who they are under the veneer of addiction. Arriving at time at functions is difficult, so it will be even harder to have a deeper sense of themselves and how they function at a deeper level. Everyone has a purpose in life. Learn more about how to discover your purpose with these five tips.

Follow Your Hobbies

One of the best ways to find what motivates you is by following your hobbies. Learn more about what makes you tick by trying different things. Some may prefer indoor activities that use the mind and hands. Hobbies tell a lot about who a person is and where they find meaning in life.

Ask Others

Another way to find your passions is to ask those closest to you what they appreciate most. These reminders help you connect to yourself on a deeper level and understand who you are, even in spite of the addiction.

Read and Write

Reading and writing encourage you to think differently about yourself. Dig into books and put yourself in the shoes of the main characters. You may be able to see it on your own. Try writing a life narrative including various stories about your life. What strengths you possess, what characteristics you have, you can apply these to the real world if you think about how they help you be with others and yourself.


There is nothing better than helping others. Communities have many ways of giving back by helping others. If you are an introvert, consider planting trees or cleaning up parks. The more things you try, the more you will find what speaks to your heart as far as giving back to others.

Ask What You Enjoy

The way you see yourself and how you give to others matters. If you believe you give love and joy, patience and understanding, you can identify these qualities and think about how to express them. You can be a good listener and non-judgmental or have other good qualities that you can share with others if you know how to identify them.

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