Don’t Believe These 5 Lies: How to Start Living Your Truth

When you are on a journey from recovery, you are starting to realize you lived a lot of lies. When you believe them, they are part of who you are after a while. After enduring trial, you might be tempted to think you’ve managed to figure out how things work. To start living your truth, you can start with letting go of these five lies (and replace them with these truths, instead).

You’re Good

When you think about who your heroes are, you might focus on those even-keel guys who are able to handle most anything with aplomb. They seem to always have magic fairy dust surrounding them that keeps them from doing anything bad. The truth is, you are only seeing part of who they are, not the whole person. Everyone messes up and your friend is no different. Comparison in recovery can lead down some bad roads. Learn how to notice the good within yourself. Think of all the ways you are good, have overcome difficulty, and are ready to conquer recovery to keep from comparing yourself to others or talking down to yourself.

If, Then…

Tunnel vision is not uncommon in recovery but it can derail your journey quickly. You might have spent a lot of time in addiction learning how to make your way in the world with the help of alcohol and drugs. It helps to visualize success, but you have to ask yourself what happily ever after looks like if you happened to fix everything all at once. If you just did this, then this would happen. If you tried this, it might help you do this over here. We need to keep our feet grounded in reality, even as we focus on future plans. Don’t look for completion, look for progress.

Life Ends in Recovery

For people who are in recovery, it can feel like life as you know it ends. In a sense, it does. The pressure to perform as an adult, without addictive substances, means you have to face yourself in a different way. With this on the horizon, you might look at your life and wonder where all the time has gone. There will always be a period of time where you reflect on what was, but don’t get hung up on it. Look ahead and begin to consider how you might see where life really begins in recovery and how to improve life every day by making positive, healthy choices.

Life is Not Fair

Life is not fair, that is true. But a mindset focused on that lie is going to keep you from being successful. The phrase is frequently repurposed as a lazy way of writing off unnecessary suffering, stupidity, and injustice. Instead of being a gentle reminder of your best efforts, it becomes an excuse for not being responsible. Life can be more fair to you if you are doing what is in your best interests. That means connecting to community, working recovery, and staying focused on your goals. This will help you feel like life is better and more fair to you.

Being Happy

Happiness is an emotion, and emotions are fleeting. When you measure self worth against the quality of life against something that is temporary, you begin to get anxious and miserable. You might wonder why you’re not happy now when you really wanted to be happy. If you really want to be happy and joyful, focus on what brings true gratification:

  • Harmony
  • Freedom
  • Hope

Looking for these three things can support your journey forward in recovery rather than hold you back. If you want to succeed, you can think about building joy from the inside out to move you forward in life.

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