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Dual Diagnosis

To overcome substance use and a co-occurring mental illness, both conditions must be treated at the same time. The Last Resort Recovery offers comprehensive, effective treatment for dual diagnosis.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

In 2020, researchers found that 40.3 million Americans had a substance use disorder. However, that wasn’t the only condition they documented. Nearly half of those surveyed were battling both addiction and a mental illness. The combination of these two disorders is known as a dual diagnosis.

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and its relationship with mental illness is well-documented. When someone has an issue like depression or anxiety, they are much more likely to become dependent on drugs or alcohol than the average person. These conditions are comorbid. This means that in addition to appearing together, each disorder worsens the effects of the other.

 An example of this can be found in depression. Nearly a third of people with major depression also have a problematic relationship with alcohol. If a man attempts to overcome his sadness, hopelessness, and fatigue through drinking, he will only find relief in the short term. In reality, substances like alcohol are depressants. The long-term results of his drinking will actually be more frequent, severe depressive episodes, an increase in suicidal ideation, and a higher likelihood of making poor, life-altering decisions. This is just one illustration of the relationship between substance use and mental illness.

The most common co-occurring disorders include:

Proven Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is important to note that either condition can come first. Some people start using substances as a type of “self-medication” for existing mental health symptoms. Others develop mental health problems as a result of their ongoing alcohol or drug use. No matter how your dual diagnosis began, The Last Resort is here to help.

We offer unique programming that lays the foundation for mental and physical wellness. Our treatment program is multifaceted and includes individual, group, and experiential therapies.

Individual Therapy

In one-on-one sessions with a licensed clinician, you will explore the factors that have contributed to your mental illness and substance use. Our therapists use a tailored approach that works best for your needs; whether it’s cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy, we ensure you receive the care you need.

Group Sessions

Our groups are also very popular for men dealing with depression, anxiety, or other conditions along with a substance use disorder. In these settings, you will find a safe haven for recovery. Each group member and facilitator understands exactly what you’re going through and is prepared to support you in your recovery. By opening up and discussing your experience, you can finally find relief and lasting change.

Immersive Experiences

Finally, The Last Resort has received acclaim for our hands-on therapies. Equine therapy sessions are especially effective for those seeking to address mood disorders, trauma-related disorders, or anxiety disorders. With 20 horses living on-site at our ranch, residents enjoy the benefits of ground and mounted work sessions. Each guided animal encounter is overseen by one of our highly qualified equine therapists. If you are interested in equine therapy, ask our admissions counselors about experiential therapy for dual diagnosis.

Get Help for Addiction and Mental Illness

Substance abuse and mental illness can be an overwhelming combination for anyone. For many men, the urge to seem strong and independent stands in the way of seeking help. We want you to know that it’s okay to take some time to heal.

 At The Last Resort, we work with you to uncover the factors contributing to your mental illness and substance use disorder. Through accredited programming, in-depth treatment protocols, and evidence-based therapies, we have forged a proven path to recovery.

Contact The Last Resort’s admissions team to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, several of our clients have a substance use disorder along with depression and one other behavioral health disorder or medical condition.

No, to qualify for our program there just needs to be a primary substance use disorder.

Insurance covers your primary condition (substance use disorder) which we treat by working on things like anxiety, depression and trauma among other things.

When you're dealing with both addiction and mental illness, you need professional help. The Last Resort offers accredited treatment for dual diagnosis.