Family Involvement Can Help Loved Ones Feel Stronger in Rehab

Addressing addiction is one of the hardest aspects of helping a loved one with an addiction to seek help. When families are involved, they can help the person with addiction see what is going on with other people besides themselves and hopefully help them understand the negative impact. There is a way to approach a loved one about treatment in a manner that won’t cause harm to the relationship or impair them to seek help.

Before Rehab

Counselors can often advise how to help a loved one seek support before rehab. They help loved ones with addiction seek help in a non-confrontational place. Families have their own dynamic, so it is important to take that into consideration before thinking about rehab. Communication is key to moving a loved one toward addiction therapy. Family involvement can help lead family towards recovery together when done right.

Substance Abuse Treatment

When an intervention is successful, the person with an addiction will enter into treatment and everyone is happy. Actually, it does not work that way. There are many bumps along the journey. Involvement in outpatient addiction therapy means people are not separated from families. They are able to stay at home or close by and find support outside of treatment. Inpatient programs require families to travel to facilities to see loved ones, often for extended periods. They can visit on family days or weekends and seek opportunities for reflection and engagement with their loved ones while learning about addiction. People who are inpatient have the benefit of seeking help without going back home and worrying about triggers in the environment. Families, once a person is in rehab, can step back from the situation and assess it from a higher perspective. Looking down into it, they can see patterns and start to evaluate the negative behaviors that kept them trapped.

Outside Rehab

Once a loved one leaves rehab, there are other ways to support them to build a stronger recovery. They can address their drug or alcohol addiction by building a better family together. They can support them and their loved ones through recovery by helping them learn to do things for themselves. Enabling behavior will be triggering to old patterns, so the more the family works on these dynamics, the better. While families may struggle initially, they can relearn patterns that will help them understand addiction and how to support their loved ones. It is a process of ongoing support that is needed to identify how to navigate changes for the better and mitigate issues going forward.

The Last Resort provides a safe, supportive environment for men in a retreat-like setting. Our goal is to help families support their loved ones in rehab. We have family programs and times that allow you to connect with a loved one receiving treatment and help them journey forward. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.