Financial Help for Houston’s Unemployed

Devastating events like economic recessions, natural disasters, and family hardships leave many Houston residents without jobs and in need of government assistance each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people throughout the state, and many are still unemployed.

Those forced to deal with these harsh circumstances can receive unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, this aid does not remove the imminent need for these individuals to generate profit and ensure their families have adequate food, water, and shelter.

Luckily, many benevolent organizations in the Houston, Texas, area provide extra financial assistance to people in need. For those in Houston who face unemployment, housing or food insecurity, or other forms of financial hardship, you can receive help to get you through these difficult times.

Each of the following organizations offers some form of financial or material help to those in the Houston area. Learn more information about these three financial relief initiatives in Houston and how they can help.

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1. West Houston Assistance Ministries

The West Houston Assistance Ministries is an organization that is committed to assisting those in need. They have a food pantry program that provides families facing food insecurity with the nourishment they need. Additionally, this organization financially assists those struggling to pay rent and utilities to alleviate eviction and homelessness in the community.

The West Houston Assistance Ministries is a wonderful option for individuals and families who need assistance meeting basic needs. For those looking to help out with their mission, all the profits from their resale store help fund these financial assistance and food aid programs. 

West Houston Assistance Ministries
10501 Meadowglen Lane
Houston, Texas 77042

2. Memorial Assistance Ministries

Memorial Assistance Ministries is an organization that takes a holistic approach to financial aid. While they provide benefits like rent and utility assistance, help with basic needs, and disaster recovery aid, that’s not where their support ends. They also offer services to help these people achieve financial independence.

If you are looking for any of the following services to prepare yourself for the workforce, Memorial Assistance Ministries can help: 

  • Job coaching
  • Vocational training
  • Financial education
  • English literacy
  • GED preparation classes
  • Physical and mental health services

Memorial Assistance Ministries
1625 Blalock Road
Houston, TX 77080

3. Wesley Community Center

The Wesley Community Center is another excellent option for Houston area residents experiencing food insecurity and financial hardships. Several Wesley Food Programs provide individuals and families in need of sustenance with fresh produce.

Those looking for assistance in achieving financial independence can take advantage of their Financial Stability Programs, including basic skills training, career coaching, and financial education.

Wesley Community Center  
1410 Lee Street
Houston, TX 77009

Helping Houston Residents Get the Unemployed Help They Need Today

Are you experiencing unemployment, housing insecurity, food insecurity? Have you lost access to government aid in the Houston, Texas area? Know that you are not alone. These local organizations can offer you financial assistance, food, and career growth opportunities. 

You can gather further information about each of these programs by reaching out by phone or email or visiting their websites.

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