Find Out Why Some Underlying Medical Conditions May Trigger Anxiety (and How to Find Help)

Anxiety can drive people to do lots of things. If people are on edge or worried a lot, they may have an anxiety disorder. Any of the conditions listed may contribute to, or make worse, anxious feelings. When underlying medical conditions exist, they can throw a person’s recovery off, as well. Find out how to help a person with anxiety and support them in getting treatment.


People can suffer from two kinds of issues with their thyroid: hyperthyroidism (overactive) and hypothyroidism (underactive). Both impact a person’s health and energy levels. To diagnose, a blood test is needed. It will then be determined the best course of treatment for the individual affected. Anxiety may pop up as a result of the body’s conflicting signals from the thyroid.

Heart Health

When a person has cardiac issues, it can trigger anxiety or make the person feel more anxious. Uneven heart rates can do that. If shortness of breath or fatigue follows heart pain, it might be a sign that something needs to get looked at. About a quarter of people who go to the ER with chest pain are having panic attacks, not real heart-related illnesses. Anxiety and panic disorder are closely linked, which impact heart health over time.

Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia is stressful but poor, restless, sleep can also increase anxiety. Sleep deprivation increases depression and general distress. Chronic insomnia can cause anxiety-related disorders. Sleeping close to phones, tablets, or screens may also be part of the problem, as well. Getting proper sleep is key, especially in recovery from addiction.

Poor Nutrition

A clean diet is a key to good health, but it is also key to not having so much anxiety. The immune system is linked closely with dietary habits and health. Being healthy starts with building a healthy body and mind through good food, less sugar, and less caffeine. This is hard in recovery because the body is depleted, but it is necessary to lower the risk of anxiety.

Substance-induced Anxiety Disorder

People who have this disorder may have it as a result of taking medications. They may feel tenser or a lack of ease.they can experience mood disorders and have challenges with other areas of their lives. Substance abuse and mental health conditions are often linked and require special help for co-occurring disorders.

Treatment Options

The treatment a person can get depends on what they are dealing with but should include mental health and substance use treatment. When anxiety kicks up, it may trigger substance use or vice versa. Drugs, therapy, and a combination of these things may help a person navigate their journey of healing from anxiety and support long-term health.

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