Four Ways to Tame That Tricky Inner Critic

The inner critic that gives voice to all our fears and concerns can get the best of us unless we get the best of it first. When left unchecked, the seeds of doubt can grow into cacophony of not-enoughs, should-bes, what-ifs, pointing out all that we are not instead of celebrating all we are. Learn more about the four ways to tame that inner critic to feel more confident in recovery.

Kick Comparison

Comparison is a big killjoy. It is the number one reason the inner critic comes out. It is easy to latch onto assumptions about other’s lives, which can amplify fear and anxiety about everything from career and relationships to the way a person looks and how to spend free time. The antidote is threefold:

  • Limit social media use. Comparison sits in most people’s pockets these days. Put down tech and you will increase your ability to feel more confident.
  • Surround yourself visually with things that make you feel good about where you are in this moment.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

You Are Enough

When it comes to mind, the thoughts keep following. Jump in front of doubt and combat it by celebrating imperfections and bring awareness to the gifts you have. Try silencing that negative voice with a little internal role play, and act as though you are speaking to your five-year-old self. Nurture him or her, speak to that person as if you were there. Be kind and loving to that little person inside.


Meditation provides distance from emotional attachment and allows you space to address self-doubt with the same love and grace you may show a friend. Observe your thoughts with compassion, non-attachment, and non-judgment. Watch them float by without getting stuck in the emotion itself. Negative self talk will only perpetuate itself. Think: I am confident, I am powerful, I am free.

Write it Down

Write down the reasons you are not the negative things you think about yourself. Consider your goals and write down the ways you are on the path to achieving them. You want to try and kick your inner critic out by giving voice to all the ways that critic is not true. There’s power in physically putting positivity down on paper as your hand produces each word and completes personal affirmations. Journaling and meditation can rewire your thoughts and heighten self-compassion.

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