Friendship Matters in Recovery: Here’s Why

Emotional support is a big component of a healthy recovery. Men who go through addiction treatment need lots of friendships and family to surround them with love and compassion. It may have been very awkward and difficult to reach out and ask for help. Those in treatment may also find individuals provide some of the strongest, healthiest friendships for men that carry them through recovery. Find out why friendship matters in recovery and how to tap into its potential.


Even though most people think romantic relationships make up the whole of a person’s existence, that is not true. People need more than just a romantic partner to feel connected socially and grounded in recovery. Friendships with non-romantic partners can be even more essential for a person’s mental health because they are the ones who help you sort out all the sordid details of things that maybe that partner was not around at the time. Some friendships last decades while romantic relationships range from months to years to decades. Higher mortality rates can be found for people with less friendships because they feel increasingly isolated and alone which may increase relapse risk in recovery. Some other benefits:

  • Male-on-male friendships can be more satisfying to some men than romantic relationships
  • Men struggle to show other men affection but good friends bring this out
  • Men who suffer from mental health or co-occurring addiction use disorder recover better with friends

Make Friends in Rehab

It may seem antithetical to the whole approach of recovery, but it is not just about you. It is, but it isn’t, in that friendships can help carry you through some difficult times in rehab. It is recommended you focus on your own recovery but you may find solace in confiding with one or two other people whom you build trust and a bond with that may carry you through longer term recovery. Some tips:

  • Talk to everyone in rehab
  • Attend sessions and go outside rehab when the possibility is offered
  • Explore and have fun trying new things
  • Release judgment of others (and self)

Dropping your guard for a bit in recovery may be hard, but it will also help you rebuild friendships and relationships that are broken outside of rehab so you can have a more fulfilling life when you go back home again.

Final Thoughts

When a person struggles with addiction to substances, friendships help provide a great tool for recovery. Friendships help fuel positive change and create as support system for men that goes far beyond their normal circle of friends. Those friendships men make in treatment over give the best chance of recovery because of their constant commitment to both your friendship and sobriety. This is a winning combination for the duration of recovery.

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