Good Manners Matter: Tips to Build Them in Recovery

Good manners are not just a thing of the past. Manners may not amount to much for some people but they’re not just doing it because they have to. There is value to be had from practicing good manners in recovery. You owe courtesy to some people. You owe it to your brother and sister. You owe it to the people you see every day and, most importantly, yourself.

Manners Matter

One of the surest tests of all is your manners when everyone is watching. You do not need to know people intimately to judge them. All you need to do is watch them. It is like a game. People will show qualities over and over again in every game. Every person in play is a walking advertisement of what they are on the inside. It is hard to camouflage bad manners. Inside, nothing is so difficult as to come across unexpectedly bad manners. The value of good manners is overestimated. Always consider who is watching and how you conduct yourself. Gentle manners possess more grace than bad manners.

Tips for Making Manners Count

Certain settings call for a specific type of manners to be pulled from the bag of tricks. Many people remember etiquette rules. Whether shopping or going to a friend’s house for dinner, parents usually have a list of things they want kids to do when socializing with friends. But guidelines for etiquette are not just for friends, but also family, and yourself. Here are some tips for making manners a daily occurrence and how to cultivate them:

  • Cultivate them at home. If you are polite and consistent, you are more likely to have it reciprocated
  • Professional manners get positive attention. Skills on the job matter but knowing how to do the work is not the only thing expected of you
  • Being kind to customers increases sales. Show customers your good manners speaking politely to them and giving them a chance to express needs
  • Being polite to friends will keep them calling. When friends know you care to have good manners, they are more likely to include you in activities and events
  • Romantic relationships are stronger when people respect you. Men and women who are polite and selfless are more fun to be around
  • Treating others with respect is reciprocated. Whether you need help or show good manners to other people you don’t know, it will usually be reciprocated if you show good manners
  • Driving with good manners helps prevent accidents. Road rage is never good for anybody. Accidents happen and people lose their temper but avoid this by being aware when you’re behind the wheel to have good manners
  • Others listen if you give them a chance to speak. A good conversationalist involves more than knowing the right words or talking a lot. The person knows you care if you listen well

Knowing proper etiquette is not just performance. It is about quality and quantity. How well you do with practicing good manners and how often you do it matters. Make it part of your routine and soon you will be on your way to a healthy focus on manners everyday.

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