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Help to Begin the Journey to Sobriety

You don’t have to battle addiction by yourself. Our team of addiction treatment professionals will guide you and your loved one through the process and work to treat the underlying causes of addiction. Many of us have been through this process and come out happier, healthier, and sober. We believe that your loved one can too!

See What Our Recovered Gentlemen Have to Say About Us

“I thought because I had a job and I graduated from college that this stuff wasn’t a problem for me… [Last Resort Recovery] changed my life.”

Brian B.
Recovering Gentleman

“I tried to quit on my own several times before I came to The Last Resort. I had no success on my own…I’m sober and I’m happy today.”

Erik J.
Recovering Gentleman

How to Get Started

1. Fill Out the Contact Form

Let us know about your loved one and the challenges they’re facing. The more information that we know about their addiction, the better we can help you encourage them to seek recovery and receive the proper counseling.

2. We Will Reach Out To You

We’ll reach out to you first; together, we can learn more about the disease that is afflicting your loved one. You’ll get the chance to talk us through your concerns and we’ll provide you with a path forward for getting them into treatment.

3. Schedule an Appointment for Your Loved One

After our initial call, we’ll work with you to schedule an appointment at The Last Resort for your loved one. We’ll show them how counseling can help lead them on the road to recovery from their addiction and discuss options for starting the program.

Why The Last Resort?

Proven Recovery Strategies in a Safe Environment

We create tailored recovery strategies that utilize evidence-based treatments. We have a strong track record of success in not only helping our men become sober, but to also maintain that sobriety in the long term.

Our beautiful 55 acre ranch helps our men relax and focus during their stay. Our recovered gentlemen love the peace and privacy that our ranch provides. Treatments like Equine Therapy and The Braveheart program will give your loved one essential tools for dealing with addiction and the underlying trauma.

“It was a great comfort to know that he was being educated, and he was learning, and he was growing. When he stumbled, he was held accountable.”

Tim W.
Parent of Recovering Gentleman

How We Can Help Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

  • We are an addiction rehab center that specializes in only treating men. This allows us to focus on methods and treatments that have the best success rates for underlying addiction trauma
  • We help our clients build new support structures and healthy habits. By looking at the larger picture, we can help our men overcome addiction and successfully stay sober
  • Our 12-step program is designed to help our your loved one work through the pitfalls of addiction and the underlying trauma/causes
  • Our safe and friendly medical detox will help your loved one get through withdrawal. Our team understands the fear of going through withdrawal, which is why we use compassion and evidence-based methods to get our clients through this difficult stage
  • We will provide your loved one with a detailed discharge plan, to help them maintain happy and healthy sobriety

Some of Our Accepted Insurance Providers

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Scott and White Health plan

Don’t see your insurance provider?. Just contact our friendly team to see if your insurance covers addiction recovery at The Last Resort. You can also check out our dedicated Insurance Coverage page to learn more about providers and the insurance process