Housing Assistance Network in Houston

Houston had been experiencing somewhat good news through the 2010s regarding homelessness: it was reported in 2019 that homelessness was down 54% since 2011. Statistics are often inaccurate when reflecting homelessness rates owing to poor counting methodology. However, this was to be welcomed.

Of course, even one homeless person in Houston is too many. Unfortunately, from 2020 several contributing factors worked hand-in-hand with the COVID-19 pandemic to cause homelessness in Houston to rise again. 15% of homeless respondents to a March 2021 survey noted the pandemic as a reason for homelessness.

So what is causing homelessness in Houston? What can be done? Who is there to help? We’ll try to answer these questions and offer guidance on how homeless people can seek assistance with housing.

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Is the Cost of Living Increasing in Houston Texas?

The estimated monthly costs of a single person living in Houston, TX stand at around $2,200. This is simply too high for many individuals who are only able to find part-time work, leading to an increase in people who are unable to afford rent. The cost of living scales up massively for those with children, with low-income families finding it especially difficult to afford children.

This leads to the tragic situation of those with children being at higher risk of being made homeless without proper support. Unfortunately, people living on a low income often find it harder to access this support. It’s an urgent responsibility of society to ensure that no parent or child ever faces a night without shelter.

Houston’s Unemployment Rate is Driving Homelessness

Another problem causing an increased risk of homelessness in Houston is the unemployment rate. As of March 2021, the unemployment rate in Houston stood at 8% –higher than Houston’s long-term average and also significantly higher than the national average of 6%

Without access to work, people can’t afford their rent. Even part-time work helps contribute towards household expenses, but many in Houston can’t even find part-time work and so find themselves risking eviction. Plus, once you’re homeless, it’s extremely difficult to find work even if it is available.

Where Can Homeless People in Houston Find Help?

Several organizations in Houston help homeless people to find support and housing. This is an urgent situation that requires every available hand to solve, and so we urge anyone at risk of losing their home or anyone who knows anyone in this situation to get in touch with one of the housing bodies listed below.

The Houston Housing Authority
2640 Fountain View Dr.
Houston, Texas 77057

Harris County Housing Authority
1933 Hussion St.
Houston, TX 77003

City of Houston Housing and Community Development
2100 Travis Street, 9th Floor
Houston, TX

Helping Find Housing for Houston’s Homeless Population

Remember that help is available if you need it. Together, we can ensure that Houston is a better place to live and that nobody ever has to spend a night without safety or a roof over their head.

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