Houston Food Bank’s Partner Organizations

Food banks support people who find themselves unable to purchase groceries. In Houston, these organizations keep food on the table for the city’s residents, dealing with economic hardship and recovery from events such as Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Besides produce and canned goods, these organizations may also provide emergency supplies and toiletries. 

In this guide, you can find information on Houston’s food banks and their partner organizations. Keep reading to learn about the work they do and how to get in touch with them. 

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Houston Food Bank East Branch

The Houston Food Bank is America’s largest food bank, overseeing distribution to over eighteen Texan counties. They provide much-needed support to thousands of users every year supported by a team of volunteers, with children as young as six able to participate. 

Life is full of unexpected challenges. This organization is there to provide essential support to those who need it most. For more information, please see their contact details listed below.

Houston Food Bank East Branch
535 Portwall St.
Houston, TX 77029

Houston Food Bank North Branch

The same organization that serves eastern Houston also has a north branch, providing hunger relief throughout the city. With the help of numerous volunteers, they provide fresh produce to those who need it most. 

The Houston brand provides dry, refrigerated, and frozen items. They provide groceries and essential items for thousands of residents every year from their 128,000 square-foot facility. 

Individuals over the age of sixteen are welcome to volunteer, with groups of up to ten people able to partake at any time. If you are interested in learning more, please refer to their contact details listed below.

Houston Food Bank North Branch
146 Knobcrest Dr.
Houston, TX 77060

Bethel’s Heavenly Hands

Bethel’s Heavenly Hands is a registered non-profit organization committed to helping those in need. They deliver forty tons of food every month to individuals and families throughout Houston. 

They rely on the support of their generous donors, with every dollar directly supporting their efforts. Outside of Houston, they also provide hunger relief to distant continents, including Africa. 

Donors can help support Bethel’s via a monthly subscription or through a one-time payment. The monthly subscription can cost as little as a streaming service, but it makes a huge difference to service users. 

Bethel’s Heavenly Hands is committed to improving the livelihood of anyone in the community who has fallen on hard times, one package at a time. If you are interested in learning more, please refer to their contact details below!

Bethel’s Heavenly Hands
12660 Sandpiper Drive
Houston, TX 77035

Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry

Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry distributes groceries every Thursday and Saturday with the support of their volunteers. Throughout the rest of the week, volunteers work diligently to box up food in the pantry to ensure it is ready for delivery. 

If you cannot volunteer directly, the pantry also accepts donations of canned and non-perishable foods. Toiletries and diapers are also accepted donations. If you wish to know more about this service, please refer to their contact details below!

Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry
3523 Beauchamp
Houston, TX 77009

How to Contact Houston Food Banks

These food donation centers fulfill a crucial role in our Houston community. Whether you are a donor or a recipient, reach out to one of these centers today to work with inspiring organizations, volunteers, and community leaders. 

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