How 12 Step Programs Help Men Find Their Feet in Recovery

When men go into a twelve-step program, they are agreeing to follow a set of principles that will guide recovery for the long haul. There are meetings and discussions they can get involved in that will help them illuminate the challenges they face but also support their healing. The therapeutic value of the program instills values in all who participate. The key to sobriety is serenity. Studies have shown that people who struggle with alcoholism should participate in AA if they want to lessen their chances of relapse. Find out more about twelve-step programs and how they help men in recovery.

How They Work

Stepping inside a twelve-step program, either inpatient or outpatient can be intimidating for the first time. It is intimidating even if it is not the first time. It helps to have a focus on how the program will support recovery from a spiritual sense as well as mentally. Although the principles are spiritual, not religious, they help people get focused on their desires to heal and seek support from others along the way. Some of the steps include:

  • Step one: admit you are powerless over alcohol
  • Step four: make a fearless moral inventory of yourself
  • Step nine: make direct amends to people except where it may cause them harm
  • Step twelve: have a spiritual awakening and seek to carry the message of your journey forward

The main purpose of this list is to offer a standardized way for everyone to walk through the experience of recovery together with some guidelines. The ideas put forth are only suggestions.

Meeting Structure

These meetings take place on designated days and times of the week on a regular basis so people can take recovery one day at a time. Some of the reason for this is to provide space to let people come at their own pace. The format shifts somewhat but the general structure is overall the same:

  • Reading of 12 step recovery preamble
  • Recitation of Serenity Prayer
  • Reading of 12 steps
  • Story-sharing from someone who has attended awhile
  • Introduction of new people
  • Suggested topic to discuss
  • Sharing of stories by members

The goal is to provide structure and a safe space in which to heal. There is a lot at stake for people in recovery. They have to navigate so many things all at once. They can go to twelve-step meetings and groups and feel immediately welcome, invited in, and part of the community. Attending meetings can be helpful to the process of recovery and alleviate the fear of being alone, which can isolate some people from healing.

The Last Resort provides a safe, supportive environment for men in a retreat-like setting. Nature is an important component of recovery and healing. We have a focus on the 12 steps so when you leave here, you can go into the community and find your own 12 step group that supports you. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.