How Addiction Affects Sex

Contrary to what many people believe, sex and drugs are not a good combination. In movies, we may see men abusing drugs and keep having sex. Most people also think that men who are high on drugs have high sex drives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Drugs only lead to more problems, including unsatisfactory sex. Drugs can negatively impact your sex life and your relationships.

Negative Effects of Addiction on Sex

Addiction creates a lot of problems. Apart from the emotional distress and financial problems, it can greatly affect romantic relationships. In fact, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) refers to addiction as a “family disease. About 34.6 percent of divorces are due to substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol abuse doesn’t only lead to failed marriages and relationships. It can affect sex performance and may even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Below are the negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction:

Erectile Dysfunction

In popular culture, drugs and sex are extremely talked about. However, no one talked about the real effects of drug addiction on sex. Men who abused drugs may be incapable of getting and sustaining an erection. In a study conducted by the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, they found that men who are addicted to drugs or other substances are likely to have erectile difficulties than men who don’t use drugs.Smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction because of the strong effects of nicotine. Alcohol can also prevent you from creating and maintaining an erection, affecting the body parts responsible for maintaining an erection. Those who have a problem controlling their alcohol intake will have the same problem with their sex life. Over time, the symptoms will worsen. Minor sexual problems will lead to major sexual issues.Chronic opioid use can also lead to erectile dysfunction and even reduced sexual desire. Amphetamines may be aphrodisiacs, but their prolonged use can lead to problems in achieving a full erection. For opioids users, they are also likely to experience dissatisfaction with their sex life than those who don’t use opioids. You increase your chances of having this problem when you keep using this drug.Cocaine is popular with those who like to engage in group sex or unprotected sex. They go to parties, take cocaine and sleep with whomever they want to. Yes, this drug may be able to give you short-term arousal, but the longer you use this drug, the more likely you are to experience chronic sexual problems such as maintaining an erection.Additionally, substance abuse can lead to even bigger problems, not just sex. Over time, your partner will no longer be satisfied with your sex performance. Eventually, one of you will decide to end the relationship. This only shows that addiction is never a good thing. Thankfully, you can do something about it.

Low Sex Drive

Erectile dysfunction isn’t the only problem men experience when consuming excessive use of substances. When you keep consuming alcohol and drugs, it will affect your body, and sex will no longer be appealing to you. Having a low sex drive is often associated with anxiety. And men who abuse drugs may feel anxious about how they would perform during sex. It would kill their enthusiasm to have sex. Consuming a lot of alcohol can kill cells that produce sperm, leading to a lack of sexual desire. Substance abuse may temporarily enhance your sexual drive. However, you’ll soon notice that it doesn’t last. It may wear off quickly, and as a result, you lose interest in sex.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

People who abuse drugs and alcohol often make terrible decisions. This includes engaging in unprotected sex. If you have multiple partners and you don’t use protection at all because you’re high, it’s likely for you to develop sexually transmitted diseases. Some STDs may be treatable, but others are difficult to treat. Other sexually transmitted diseases don’t have a cure like AIDS. Drugs can affect a person’s brain. They may have poor judgment and make a series of bad decisions. This is why it’s so easy for them to engage in unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners, not knowing how it would affect them in the long run.

Violence and Assaults

Substance abuse can affect how you think. When you don’t get what you want, it’s likely for you to become violent. People who consume excessive cocaine or heroin may resort to violent crimes, especially when women refuse them during sex.

How It Affects Your Relationships

Addiction is sometimes the root cause of most problems, not just sex. It negatively affects your sex life and, in return, also affects your relationships in the long run. To improve your life, you need to effectively manage or, better yet, eliminate addiction from your life. Fortunately — whether you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, there is always something you can do. Help is available!Talk to your family and friends. Ask for their help on how you can get rid of the addiction in your life. Reaching out to a drug and alcohol rehab center can also immensely help.

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