How Can I Feel More Grounded in Recovery?

Getting grounded is not as easy as it seems in recovery. When everything is spinning around, it seems like the world is upside down. The issue with this is that there is no good way to do this for each person. It will look different depending on what you need and when. You have an individual personality and life that will require different techniques to keep your feet on the ground, even when your head is in outer space or you feel like you are struggling in recovery. Learn some tips to try that may help you feel more grounded through the challenges.

Be Present

If you are not even aware you need grounding, that can be a sign you are out of touch with yourself. The key to being aware you need grounding is to stay present with yourself. Tap into your emotions and realize what it is you need in this moment. The things you think are fleeting, so let them float by. Don’t over-focus on these things, which can take you out of the present moment. One you acknowledge the challenges, you can get back to earth and stay focused on sobriety.


One of the biggest movements right now is something called earthing. This is literally when you ground yourself into the dirt and dust of the earth. Animals, plants, and other creatures live in nature, but we find ourselves disconnected from it. Everything is made up of atoms and neutrons, positive and negative charges. Grounding means discharging built-up electricity. The earth has a negative charge, and you have a positive one. Walking barefoot in the grass, on the beach, or anywhere else in the earth allows you to balance energies quickly.

Get Out of Your Head

One of the hardest things to do when you’re spinning out is to get out of your own head. Getting grounded takes time to focus on yourself and slow down. Your head will race with thoughts, but if you can slow them down, you can grab a few thoughts you are able to do something with and move forward slowly. Letting go of multitasking is key to keeping your brain from overloading. Take a timeout and be in nature. Pick a space that speaks to you and go there. Go by water, hear the birds, or go where there is no cellular service and people will not bother you. This will help you get clear headed and more grounded for recovery.


If you want to try exercising in recovery to support feeling more grounded, yoga and meditation are some of the better ways to do this. Running, jogging, and biking are always good ways to get outside and experience nature while also getting exercise. You may choose to do it with other people so you are not alone with your thoughts or feelings and just to socialize a little bit. Stay clear-headed on what you want and focused on how you are going to get there. Groundedness comes from the ability to stay where you are, present focused and determined to keep yourself moving forward in recovery.

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