How Can Increased Fiber Help My Recovery?

It is easy to get caught up in the various ways you need to eat well. Too many people forget to look at fiber in their diets as a necessary supplement in their daily diet. Fiber is good for health, especially for people who struggle with addiction and recovery. Nutrients are deficient when you are drinking or using drugs regularly. You may not have eaten well, either, so now in recovery you need to retrain your body and brain to receive vital, healthy nutrients for a healthy journey ahead.

Why Fiber Matters

Many studies have looked at high-fiber diets and longevity. People in Uganda were noted in studies as having high-fiber vegetable diets and avoided many diseases common to Europeans and Americans. Long-living rural Japanese populations at high-fiber diets as well and lived longer, healthier lives. Fiber is so critical to our diets because it is tied to gut microbes. A proper fiber diet feeds and makes bacteria thrive. They increase in number so that the more we have, the thicker the mucus wall and better the barrier between our body and bacteria becomes. Bacteria aid in digestion, helping us feel less constipated, bloated, and unhealthy.

How to Increase Fiber

If you want to ditch your old habits and get in line with a high-fiber diet, you can get more out of healthy food than high carb and sugary foods. Start by looking for these ways to increase fiber:

  • Go for fruits and veggies. Add these to your daily list of necessary foods. Eating an apple is a simple way to get fruit, but you can add little pieces of fruit and veggies in each day with smoothies as well
  • Eat seasonal produce. Always check for fresh, in-season fruits and veggies. They are great for your digestion but also overall health. They taste better and are also less expensive
  • Processed foods usually have less fiber. The foods you like (pasta, white bread) when you have cravings or need sugar are likely without fiber you need. Juicing is processed as it removes fiber from the food you eat
  • Eat your beans. Peas, lentils, and beans are not always thought of as a veggie, but they are a great, delicious source of fiber. Try some in chili or on a salad for starters

Fiber is fabulous because it is about eating robustly rather than processed fruits and veggies. Fiber in these foods is a great way to stay healthy and control weight. If you are looking for a healthier recovery, look no further than your gut bacteria and fibrous fruits and veggies to come to your rescue.

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