How Can Men Find Ways to Curb Anxiety?

People can experience anxiety at any point in their lives, whether or not they are struggling with addiction. What happens when a person uses substances is that it changes their brain chemistry and body, which can cause changes in the way the body responds to stimuli. Mood disorders are more common than people think for people who use substances. Sometimes it happens before addiction even occurs because the person uses substances to try and navigate the challenges of mood disorders by drinking or using drugs and behavioral addictions to numb the pain. Anxiety is stressful on a daily basis. Learn more about the ways men respond to anxiety and how to find healing.

Don’t Sit Still

The worst thing a person can do with anxiety is sit with it alone and not get out and be active. Men, especially, crave physical experiences for the most part and learn best when they are doing hands-on work. Exercise can, in this way, be a great support for people with anxiety. Vigorous physical activity may reduce short-term anxiety and boost the brain’s ability to fight back long-term against anxious thoughts and feelings. Regular physical exercise may reduce how people process stressors in the environment, which can also reduce anxiety.

Tea Time

Chamomile tea has been found to be helpful for some people with anxiety. Those who struggle with generalized anxiety disorder may experience fewer symptoms after taking the extract for eight weeks. Drinking tea is also a slow game, in that people who drink tea often are not able to drink it quickly which slows them down long enough to sit still and think about things for a bit.


Not only is getting outside healthy and healing, but it may also curb depression symptoms. People who walk in a natural environment may experience decreased anxiety compared to people who do similar walks in a city space. It is easier to breathe out in nature with the fresh air from trees, other animals making their sounds, and no technology in people’s faces to distract them. Just being present to oneself in nature can bring peace and calming to the journey of recovery.

Get Present

When people receive mindfulness or meditation experiences, they often find it improves their anxiety. Mindfulness meditation reduces symptoms of anxiety by helping people let go of outside experiences and just be present in the moment. Anxiety is about the brain and body but there are ways to curb those feelings that may help a person be present to themselves in a new way that supports healing in recovery. Medication, along with practices every day, can help build good habits for a positive mindset that may not take all the anxiety away but can help keep it at bay so it is manageable early in recovery and beyond.

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