How Can Professionals Address Mental health Issues without Stigma?

It is hard to identify mental health and substance abuse issues that are co-occurring unless you really know the signs. There is a specific stigma attached to anyone who identifies as professional and struggles. High-level executives and professionals may experience a problem that is not recognized until a time of crisis. They may, at that time, be at high risk for destructive behaviors. The recognition of substance use or mental health issues can bring myriad challenges. Find out more about how professionals can address mental health issues and avoid some of the stigma attached.

Barriers to Treatment

Colleagues and family members are the two closest groups of people to a loved one with an addiction. They may not think they are covering up issues, but they may enable a person’s behavior to continue without doing anything about it. They may think they are helping when they are really hurting the person and their loved ones. Professionals are no different, in that they need mental health issues to be addressed in a safe environment. They often think they don’t need treatment and need to be given opportunities to step away from work in a confidential way that allows them to seek the help they need. Mental health issues are challenging to deal with, so the less a person has to share their story with everyone, the better off they are.

Seeking Help

Luxury rehab programs and treatment facilities designed to help executives with treatment are often the best courses of action. They emphasize treatment in a helpful setting where they deliver high quality, professionally-delivered therapies research can help with. Professional treatment options often provide better courses of treatment individualized for that person’s needs and unique situation. Executives, professionals, and high achieving persons need different things than those who are not in those professions. They often struggle to ask for help. To avoid stigma, it may be helpful to work with HR or a confidential person at work who can provide the space they need to continue seeking treatment options designed with them in mind. Outpatient treatment is one option, while inpatient treatment may be another option if they choose to do this for their mental and physical health. The risk of escalating can damage a person’s life and career, along with relationships. It is best to look at all the options and decide what is best prior to starting the journey. High-quality, professional settings, can provide a safe space to be vulnerable, receive counseling, and get the help they need so they can be back to work when they are ready and work on their recovery.

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