How Can Professionals Take Burnout More Seriously?

People who work in healthcare can suffer burnout quite easily. Burnout is a challenge for people who often feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and even depressed as a result of burning out from their jobs. This applies to many professionals, including lawyers, doctors, physical therapists, executives, CFOs, or anyone who works in professional environments. Many healthcare organizations and other companies struggle to educate people on this subject of self-care and identifying strategies to help them avoid burnout.

What is Burnout?

Chronic exposure to people who need help and are in an emergency situation can bring up issues like stress, trauma, and chronic fatigue. Over time, the people will burn out from trying to help people all the time and not have enough left in their tanks to help themselves. Research has demonstrated that burnout focuses on three areas typically that people struggle with. They may have insomnia, nightmares, irritability, and lack of ability to focus at work or home. Within healthcare organizations, they may stop doing their jobs as well as they used to and struggle to show up for work.

Burnout Prevention Tips

Resilience against burnout really depends on many factors. This includes leisure practices and attitudes. If a person has a good attitude, they are less likely to burn out. Work-life balance also matters as having hobbies and friends or family will help mitigate issues for people. Having a group of people who help individual wrestling with burnout can be helpful. Providers should be available to help people who are struggling and problem solve with them. Decision-making should increase feelings of autonomy and a sense of control over work conditions. Some other tips include:

  • Promoting a culture where people can ask for help. Providers will naturally create values that align with their own, which promotes a sense of engagement.
  • Positive feedback helps more than negative feedback. Managers should provide positive social support, encouragement, and consistent gratitude for people. Providers may also offer positive feedback to encourage teamwork

Professional burnout is not always inevitable, nor is it always avoidable. It depends on the situation and person involved, but they are less likely to burn out if they feel accepted and connected to their jobs and other employees. The key is to help the person find support while they struggle and to let them know they’re not alone.

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