How Can Sober Living Be Helpful for Recovery?

Whenever people commit to becoming sober, they are letting themselves and everyone know they are committed to making change happen. Rehab is not the end of the game. Sober living can help people who still want extra accountability and support by offering to the house with structure, focused on their sobriety. This new way of life can seem difficult to navigate but there is hope in the community.

Why Sober Living

People who struggle with addiction may feel they do not need full-time supportive housing after rehab. They assume if they go home, they will have the support they want and need to deal with the realities of recovery. Perhaps they worry about who they will live with and have anxiety about sober living. It may be overwhelming to move people to a new place while they sort out recovery goals. To live sober means taking a risk. It also means finding the confidence to live a sober life again. What sober living provides is an opportunity to spend time with people who share the goal of staying clean and sober in a community environment. Sober living facilities offer an opportunity for people to focus on recovery and seek healing.

Meeting Needs Daily

The way sober living works varies from place to place, but most carry the same philosophy of helping to meet people’s needs where they are at. The structure is key to this goal of meeting people’s needs every day. Sober living home has different expectations and policies related to meetings and recovery programs. When people spend every day together, they are learning about themselves and what they want out of life. Participants will complete chores and meet every week to check in and support each other. Other ways it works include:

  • Social support for those with similar goals
  • Shared living space and learning to do their share of the work
  • Build positive relationships to have fun and meaningful experiences
  • Goal setting and learning how to navigate both large and small goals
Recovery Resources

The biggest issue people have in recovery is being resourceful with what they have. Even when a person leaves sober living, ongoing support is what will make the difference for them. Many sober living homes help people connect with additional support services, social workers, and other professionals at home. This helps make sure they feel secure and able to meet their goals. Sober living is not for every person but it is designed for those who need more structure and support throughout their journey of healing. Most sober living facilities are designed to help people figure out who they are and what they want out of recovery. If they can find a way to live free of drugs and be healthy then sober living will have been successful.

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