How Do I Know if I Need Hospitalization for Mental Health Issues?

Psychiatric hospitals specialize in treating mental illness. Most hospitals provide nursing care, management of medication, therapy, and social work services. Some hospitals treat special populations only. Some treat people with eating disorders, substance issues, or many other things. Mental health issues are not a one-size-fits-all. They come in all shapes and sizes. Learn some tips to know if you or a loved one may be in need of hospitalization for mental health issues.

Why People Stay

There are myriad reasons why people may go into a psych hospital. Any time a person’s symptoms become a safety issue or too hard to manage at home, this may be warranted. A hospitalization often occurs when a person’s mental health deteriorates to crisis levels. However, hospital criteria vary greatly and depends on many factors. A hospital admission can keep a person safe and monitor safety while helping get depression under control. A person who is hearing voices or having trouble calming anxiety may want to check into a hospital so they can find help for their issues. This may take time to stabilize and figure out the best next steps. Some signs a person may need the support of an inpatient hospitalization:

  • Seeing or hearing things (hallucinations)
  • Believe things that are not true (delusions)
  • Threaten their own or someone else’s life
  • Have problems with substances
  • Have not eaten or slept in days
  • Cannot care for themselves or others
  • Has tried other treatments that have not worked
  • Needs to make significant changes in treatment or medication with close supervision
  • Has symptoms of mania or depression that interferes with life
Long-Term Hospitalization

Most psychiatric hospitalizations are short-term stays. A person who is admitted for treatment only remains inpatient for a few days to a few weeks and may be discharged once their medication is adjusted or their mental health crisis resolves. Long-term hospitalizations are necessary. People who pose a threat may remain in an inpatient facility. This is sometimes the case when people are convicted of serious crimes and not considered competent to stand trial or endure a prison sentence.


A psych hospital can give a person time to rest in a way they cannot at home. They provide supervision and medical support to aide in healing. A stay in hospital can reduce the stress of living on their own and support their release from activities of daily living for the moment. Cooking, cleaning, and other things are stressful for people in a crisis state. In some cases, a person in the hospital can get both mental and physical treatment for their health issues. If they are going through withdrawal from substances, they can find support and often get resources for additional help in recovery programs.

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