How Do Young Adults Become Addicted to Drugs?

The challenge for young adults these days is not just at school and performing well on exams. They also have to deal with drug addiction issues and substance abuse. Colleges are ready to take action on campus by figuring out how to mitigate the crises but young people of all ages are becoming addicted to drugs and need help.

Opioids and Young People

Young adults who are ages 18 to 25 are abusers of pain relief medications and ADHD medication more than any other age group. They are more likely to use other substances as a result of using prescription drugs. There are some factors to consider when looking at drug addiction in young people:

  • Mental health: drugs and alcohol may help manage symptoms of mental illness like bipolar, depression, or anxiety. Young adults may be scared or unable to cope so they stop taking medication they need. This is a definite risk factor in using substances
  • Family history: people with addiction often have a family history of drug or alcohol problems. Students who are in college may hide their use while away from home because they feel vulnerable to peer pressure, stress, and other things out of the sight of their parents and caregivers. Their family may have been involved in it so they also get involved
  • Metabolism: one factor in the breakdown and elimination of alcohol in the body is the metabolism of alcohol and drugs. Some people may be more likely to have issues with alcohol based on metabolism than anything else. The enzymes may be inherited that makes them vulnerable to alcohol-related problems. This can explain why one person may drink and others may not
  • Pressure and performance: students may take drugs to keep up with school work or try to figure things out at school. Adderall is commonly prescribed or used. This helps them cram for exams and is a trend on college campuses
  • Failure to thrive: some students do not have all the skills they need to do well in college. This may mean their ability to make good choices is hampered and they are tempted by other things. They may end up following the lead of others and getting distracted easily. Without family there, they may not have an anchor to help them resist drugs or alcohol
Emotional Development of Young People

Families with an awareness of how their college-age kids are vulnerable to addiction may be aware of the signs. Others who do not see it may struggle with the impact of their kid’s addiction and how to support them. Young adults who abuse substances may drop out of school or struggle in life more than those who do not get help for addiction. There are programs that help adolescents with addiction, young adults, and those who are college graduates on up. There is no bad time to start rehab. The only time is now if the person is ready to admit the need to quit using drugs and let go of denial for good.

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