How Does Building Legos Help with Recovery?

Legos may seem like an unlikely way to work on healing in recovery, but it can have myriad benefits for the brain and body most people would not consider. It is unorthodox to use kids toys to aid in adult healing from issues like addiction, but it can also be healing.

Re-Building Your Life

When you think about how you want to go about rebuilding your life from addiction, it is done brick-by-brick, day-by-day, and every piece adds to a bigger, better picture. Even if you start small, you eventually end bigger. By the time quiet time comes around at the end of a long day, perhaps you just need to loosen up, wind down, and get into something more childlike and fun. Think of it as an opportunity to seek spaces where you can learn how to think about your recovery differently without having to deal with the nuances.


Building with legos is a fun way to explore rebuilding your life, but also building a new one. You are simultaneously working out the past while creating a present and a future with hope. When you know what rules to follow, life seems easy. But with addiction recovery, all the rules have changed. You are now a different person to have to navigate addiction recovery. Some tips to think about when reconnecting to your child-like self:

  • Let yourself dream about the future and start building with that in mind
  • Create sculptures that you come back to, again and again, to remind you how far you’ve come
  • Build and tear down, then rebuild. Remind yourself of the hard work it takes to do this in your own life, much less on a lego table
  • Don’t be afraid of creating something new

The thing with legos is that they remind us as children we used to innocently put them together for a while until we had a specific roadmap. Then we designed around the roadmap and maybe never veered too far away from that design. Your life is not just one roadmap. It is one with winding roads that lead to many different places. The key is to figure out how to design and build a life that suits you in recovery, now, not who you were. If you build for who you are now, you are more likely to be successful with rebuilding your life.


The healing power of rebuilding is evident in your lifestyle. The way you live will bring healing to yourself and others. Constructing your new life is not going to be easy, but, like with legos, anything is possible as long as you just use your imagination. 00:02

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