How Does Yoga Therapy Help in Recovery?

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been around for a long time. It seems more universal now that people of all walks of life are giving the benefits of yoga a chance. People who experience substance abuse issues or mental health conditions have found yoga to be healing for their journey of recovery as a holistic practice for mind, body, and spirit. The benefits of yoga therapy for recovery depend on the type of yoga and the individual’s experience but most people who give it a try feel at least some of the calming aspects of the practice.

How it Helps

Substance abuse programs have used yoga for a number of years as a way to support people in recovery with mindfulness and holistic healing. Yoga is a great practice in prevention of relapse, reduction of withdrawal symptoms, and curbing triggers that often happen for someone in recovery. Other benefits can include boost in mood, relaxed state, enhanced confidence, and increased energy to put towards other recovery goals.


When someone practices yoga, they incorporate ‘asanas’ including standing, seated, moving meditation, and stretches which open up the body and support increased flow to the brain and body. The poses, or asanas, are designed as a pathway to open oneself to the universe and support the highest good within each person.

How to Practice

Yoga therapy helps people in recovery by providing space and opportunity to listen to their own inner wisdom and spirit speak to them. It brings in a higher power who has the chance to guide the person’s journey towards healing. Ancient techniques like yoga and tai chi are great for boosting mental acuity and delivering rich, therapeutic tools to support the journey of healing in recovery. With a series of poses, people in recovery can:

  • Learn how to do breath work that can be healing for anxiety and stress
  • Increase presence of mindfulness in the moment
  • Change patterns of behavior by showing up on the mat as they are, without judgment, and expecting only to do what is possible in that moment for themselves
  • Help people practice self care
  • Live with an attitude of gratitude

Some of the other aspects of yoga that are healing is to give the body room to move and tone without lifting heavy weights or doing other things which can stress the body. Yoga is about breathing, experiencing peace, and bringing a sense of presence to the moment. In recovery, every day is another step forward, away from the past, into the present, where mindfulness can support the journey of healing.

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